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Status Likely to implement
Categories Account settings
Created by Mark Eaves
Created on May 19, 2022

Ability to apply a workspace template to multiple workspaces in bulk

Workspace templates are a great way to encapsulate workspace configurations into a template, so that we can quickly spin up new types of workspaces.

However after creating a new template, we have a need to apply that template to a large number of existing workspaces. We are doing this so that future updates to the workspace template will be applied to these workspaces.

It is currently a manual process to apply a workspace template to an existing workspace, and it happens on a workspace-by-workspace basis. We need an ability to be apply to a apply a workspace template in bulk to a large number of existing workspaces

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  • Warren Noll
    Aug 4, 2022

    Until we spent some time with the workspaces, honestly we would not have been able to create a template that would have been usable. Guess we could have used it as a test bed, but it was easier to keep a few workspaces similar in basic structure and let the teams look at options for a variety of areas.

    Now that we have some time with the workspaces, we have been able to create a template for the workspace that is very beneficial in creation of new workspaces. But as I looked to be able to apply the template to current workspaces, I was very disappointed. Reading this response I need to reasearch on how to the apply the template on an individual basis. But being able to apply to all the workspaces in a line or organization would be of great benefit. Especially as we are starting to normalize a large number of things across workspaces.

    Thanks for the consideration