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Created by Mark Eaves
Created on May 19, 2022

Ability to apply a workspace template to multiple workspaces in bulk

Workspace templates are a great way to encapsulate workspace configurations into a template, so that we can quickly spin up new types of workspaces.

However after creating a new template, we have a need to apply that template to a large number of existing workspaces. We are doing this so that future updates to the workspace template will be applied to these workspaces.

It is currently a manual process to apply a workspace template to an existing workspace, and it happens on a workspace-by-workspace basis. We need an ability to be apply to a apply a workspace template in bulk to a large number of existing workspaces

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  • Guest
    Nov 28, 2022

    This is a very important feature that is needed to manage the tool in an efficient way. The templates are a way to allow different groups/teams to use a common approach but the burden on on the admin to update each workspace even after updating the template.

    It is also not clear which workspaces have workflows that are "out of sync" after updating the template. The only way to currently see this is to manually going one by one to each workspaces configuration. Where is the "report" to show how many workspaces are out of sync?

  • Warren Noll
    Aug 4, 2022

    Until we spent some time with the workspaces, honestly we would not have been able to create a template that would have been usable. Guess we could have used it as a test bed, but it was easier to keep a few workspaces similar in basic structure and let the teams look at options for a variety of areas.

    Now that we have some time with the workspaces, we have been able to create a template for the workspace that is very beneficial in creation of new workspaces. But as I looked to be able to apply the template to current workspaces, I was very disappointed. Reading this response I need to reasearch on how to the apply the template on an individual basis. But being able to apply to all the workspaces in a line or organization would be of great benefit. Especially as we are starting to normalize a large number of things across workspaces.

    Thanks for the consideration

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Include workspace template in bulk edit on workspaces

Who would benefit? Teams applying new workspace templates to a large amount of existing workspaces. What impact would it make? Allow teams to implement standards quickly and eliminate the need to apply them one by one to hundreds/thousands of work...
Bonnie Trei 4 months ago in Reports 0 Shipped