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Status Future consideration
Categories Branding
Created by Kyle Crawford
Created on Mar 17, 2022

Template Settings or Create from existing Ideas Portal - Static Settings Only

We have very good Ideas Portals for User Feedback and Internal User Feedback, and we'd like to reuse these as 'patterns'. Having to create them from scratch is very laborious and prone to errors - have to carefully build side by side - ugh!

A possible solution is the ability of

  1. creating a template - so create a template that can be selected when creating a new portal. Where templates are displayed separate from regular portals, OR

  2. creating based on existing portal - Like "copy from", where I could Select the name of an existing portal for Aha Ideas to copy from - for the "static settings" like layout, branding, visibility etc.

I have to create 8 new portals for example, just for 1 workspace next week. A feature like this would be amazing!!

The reason I need to do this? I need to identify the "Ideas Origin" - where my user launched to Ideas Portal from. This will tell me where my most successful "call to action" for Idea is - is it the Application itself [FEEDBACK] button, or Yammer, or Training session, etc. See related Big Idea with this keyword "Ideas Origin"!! I am creating it next.

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  • Julie Edwards
    May 10, 2023

    We 100% need this! We have 40+ ideas portals - so if we change terminology, or HEX# or email template(s), we have to manually change the config for 40+ ideas portals. Would love a global style template which we can just apply and this cascades through selected ideas portals. Would also love to be able to copy an existing ideas portal (not users, SSO etc.) but the main "design" elements.