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Status Future consideration
Categories User story map
Created by Peter Bongiorno
Created on Nov 29, 2021

New User Story Map entered Epics should still require required fields and load the standard description field template

Problem: When adding entities (e.g., Epics) via the User Story Map, the user is not prompted to enter in required fields and the predefined Epic template is not loaded in the description field. This bypasses the Epic creation protocols elsewhere in Aha! (e.g., the Epic Board) and therefore risks the integrity of Epics created via the Story Map mechanism.

Request, in priority order the following improvements:

  1. Allow the Admin to configure if they the User Story Map feature so you can choose to allow “rapid entry mode” or “full creation mode” when adding entities from the Story Map view. Full Creation Mode would require entry of Required fields and loading of the standard Epic template

  2. Allow rapid entry of the User Story Map entity, but do NOT immediately treat this as an Epic / Feature. Instead provide an option to promote the User Story Map entity to an Epic / Feature and then require that required fields be populated and that any predefined template be loaded, or,

  3. Just use the standard Add Epic / Feature protocols (i.e., entry of required fields and load of defined Epic templates) on creation of the Epic / Feature

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