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Status Future consideration
Categories Pivotal Tracker
Created by Guest
Created on Nov 22, 2021

Showing related items in pivot drill-downs

Aha! has a cool new functionality of exporting pivots as interactive webpages, where users can click on certain elements (epics/features) and show more details. This is very useful for communicating with commercial teams. The only limitation is that you can only choose to display certain fields configured on that particular card from the Overview tab, but not the Related tab. For example, if creating a pivot to show releases, you can configure the webpage to show more details from the release cards when clicking on it (owner, progress, status etc.). You can't choose to show the related features a release might have bundled under it. This would be a useful enhancement for teams that want to carve pivots by releases. A similar capability does exist if you create a custom roadmap view and show release milestones (it will give you the option to view epics and features related to that release), but not for pivot reports.

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