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Status Future consideration
Categories Capacity planning
Created by Jeff Tucker
Created on Nov 8, 2021

Estimate in points, but log work in time

My agile development team uses story points for estimation. Once work is in progress, I want my developers to log work in time. This helps me understand where their time is going, and to inform future estimates for planning.

Release time frame 6 months
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  • Dan Kaytes
    Jul 5, 2023

    Additionally, we use hours for capitalization of development costs. The budgets are driven by hours worked, not be story points.

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Log work in time while estimating in points

Story points are predictive. We want to reflect on those predictions to compare them against real data. Our goal is to provide metrics like "on average, it takes us X time to complete 8 story points." To support this goal, we want to estimate in s...
Jeff Tucker over 2 years ago in Capacity planning 1 Future consideration