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Status Future consideration
Categories Account settings
Created by Madeleine Black
Created on Oct 19, 2021

Support filtering by predefined tag field on worksheets

Currently the worksheet equations do not support filtering a list by a custom field of type "predefined tag". Please add support so that you can filter child lists by a value in a predefined tag for example count(self.initiatives[self.custom.tagield == "Something"])

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  • Arun Kalyanaraman
    Dec 19, 2021

    We are trying to get a count of features in an initiative when a custom tag field contains a specific value. The idea is that there could be more than one value in this field but the feature should only be counted at the initiative level if say value PI06 exists as a tag. Similarly, another row of the customer worksheet at initiative level may want the count of features if the same feature field ‘contains’ the value ‘PI07’. Either this should be supported through some new instruction within the arrays or another alternative should be provided in advanced equations to handle this.