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Status Future consideration
Categories Sprints
Created by Clark Milner
Created on Sep 16, 2021

Aha! Develop --- Account > Teams --- Support for Work Schedule for Engineering Teams

Ability to setup work schedules for Aha! Develop engineering teams. Similar to Capacity Planning Team Work schedules.

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  • Mike Figueroa
    Nov 9, 2022

    Use case from CraftJack: we should be able to save and edit schedules to assign to team members so that we save time in setting up schedules to be used for sprint planning purposes. Currently, we need to set schedules team member by team member, which creates redundant work for an Aha admin user. Potential schedules I might create would be: frontend developer (shared between teams), backend developer (one team), QA engineer (shared between teams), maybe junior / senior developer, and devs on issue tracker (fixing bugs instead of new dev for one sprint; rotates).