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Categories Ideas portal
Created by Ronnie Merkel
Created on Jun 28, 2021
Merged idea

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Ideas visibility scoped to user's domain Merged

As an an Aha admin, I would like to be able to control Ideas portal visibility based on a user's domain so they can only see other ideas from people in their own organization or a defined set of domains so they cannot see everything in Aha and each idea does not have to flagged manually.

We have several large organizations as customers and would like to be able to limit visibility within the same portal rather than having to setup a separate product workspace for each customer.

  • Ronnie Merkel
    Jul 27, 2022

    Thank you but unfortunately based on the feature description this does not actually allow us to scope idea visibility in the portal to creator, organization, and internal users; it just allows for filtering on an organization which is helpful but does not solve the problem of preventing visibility across organizations.

    Thank You,

    Ronnie Merkel
    Director, Software Engineering | m 407.506.7918 |

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