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Created by Kim Siddle
Created on Apr 10, 2021

Jira Integration mapping to support Aha Initiative record links

Feature Request

  • Support the ability in the Jira Integration to have record links on Initative record types.

    • Same concept as Feature record links that are supported in the mappings today, but on Initative

  • Jira has a "Parent Link" field on an epic which allows users to associate to an Initiative type - this mimics the framework for Aha Initiative linked to Aha Features

Impact Details

We have ran into quite a few manual processes and data integrity issues with the current Jira integration with Aha given Initative to Feature record link is a critical need for our organization bases on how our product and engineering work is organized between the systems.

  • Mastery has upwards to 30 development teams which each have at least one initative and numerous Jira epics in flight at the same time. Currently we have over 50 Initiatives in active development for perspective.

  • We are finding reporting is consistently off and trying to run reports along with Vlookup via excel between systems to find the differences

How we are solving the problem today

  1. New work planned by Product into Jira

    1. When sending Aha Initiative & Aha Feature records to Jira, the Aha user needs to also navigate back to Jira to link the records

      1. Any new features added follow the same process

    2. If a feature in Aha is moved to a new Aha Initiative then the user needs to go into Jira to ensure engineering platform is aligned as well to switch link

    Outcome: poor UX and data integrity issues

  2. Jira updates for current Aha work

    1. If engineer or BA for example needs to add a new epic they associate to the Jira Initiative

    2. We receive the import integration detail in Aha

      1. User looks at the Jira ticket number, opens Jira record to find Initiative and confirm workspace

      2. User imports record after selecting proper workspace then navigates to the feature board to associate to the Initiative

      Outcome: poor UX and data integrity issues

Wasn't able to upload an image but I'm more than happy to provide my help to a team member at Aha to show how this functions in Jira/Aha today!

I greatly appreciate your consideration with enhancing the Jira integration so we can ensure Mastery's Product Team is able to take full advantage of Aha with an efficient flow of data and UX while avoiding users needing to consistently navigate between the systems for auditing.

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