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My ideas: Workflow boards

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Show the 'days in status' for things that are in Not started

Why I want to see this for Not started records: I want to see how long something has been sitting in the prioritized backlog without any movement If something was assigned to someone but is sitting in not started, I want to see how long it's been ...
Todd Meyer 3 months ago in Workflow boards 0 Future consideration

Show Jira status in card view

It would be really beneficial to have an option to show Jira Status in any card view as to have more granular detail when you need to communicate with the devs, or to report status to other stakeholders.
Noel Scerri 4 months ago in Workflow boards 1 Already exists

Remove 'Will not implement' items from the Develop workflow board

If the workspace status of a feature/record is set to 'will not implement' then ideally it should be removed from the workflow board in Develop too.
Todd Meyer over 1 year ago in Workflow boards 0 Future consideration

Support advanced filtering on the workflow board

I want more control over filtering cards on the workflow board. For example, I'd like to be able to filter all of the cards based on the value of a custom field I've added.
Mark D over 2 years ago in Workflow boards 2 Future consideration

Option to auto-close task after set time

Create a status or transition that will automatically close a task after a set time. If, for example, a user submits an idea that we think is already answered, we can provide the answer, then set the status to "Waiting on Confirmation". If the use...
Jenny Pittman over 1 year ago in Workflow boards 1 Future consideration

Disable Features and Epics from the dev board option

I have worked with Agile teams since 2005 and never have i had a board where you can have epics, features, and stories on the same board. It's really annoying to suddenly find the feature in the backlog planning space has suddenly gone and is now ...
Mike Lowery 11 months ago in Workflow boards 0 Future consideration

Consistent Filters when Toggling Between Epics, Feature, and Tasks in Board and Workflow Views

In the same workspace, when using the board and workflow views we would like to see the same bodies of work with the same filters when toggling between Epics, Features, and Tasks. For example, we may use filters to see several related epics, we wo...
Kristina Ursin about 2 years ago in Workflow boards 0 Future consideration

Fix cycle time calculations in Develop for Kanban

There is a fundamental flaw in how you calculate cycle time in develop. It calculated from the 1st in progress step on the workflow. If you rigidly follow each step then it would work fine, but in Kanban you can skip steps if they don't apply. You...
Mike Lowery 6 months ago in Workflow boards 0 Future consideration

Map Multiple Statuses to Column in Workflow Board

In Jira, it is possible to map multiple statuses to a column within a Jira board. This functionality is not present in Aha! develop and there isn't a way to effectively have multiple workflow boards at this time without negatively impacting status...
I R 6 months ago in Workflow boards 0 Future consideration

Search for records on the workflow board

Hi Team, is there a way to search the Team Board like you can in the roadmaps workspace, I see the search feature in the sidebar for backlog but not on the team workspace.
Jeff Tucker about 1 year ago in Workflow boards 0 Future consideration