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Capacity planning

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Checkbox (multi-select) for selecting team members in capacity estimates

When we set capacity estimates, we want to select the team members assigned to the initiative. At the moment you have to select them one by one. The ability to select multiple at once would save us a lot of time. ** We currently go to a bit of an ...
Jason Hollis over 1 year ago in Capacity planning 0 Future consideration

Ability to segment advanced estimates by spend type

Management needs to view a summary of the split between CapEx and OpEx costs. A given feature can include a mix of both types of expenses and there needs to be a way to capture the split of CapEx and OpEx within the estimate. There also needs to b...
Mark Eaves over 3 years ago in Application / Capacity planning 0 Future consideration

Customize capacity to round to more granular levels

Hours is a fairly ridiculous estimation metric for a large project being planned for several months hence and requires a lot of cognition to reason about. Yes, we can do math and convert, but the UI shows hours in many places and when it shows day...
Guest over 3 years ago in Capacity planning / Epic 1 Future consideration

Include Capacity Planning data when moving/copying Initiatives to another workspace which has the same teams

We have a use case to move a number of initiatives from a product line to a new workspace in order to simplify our hierarchy. The Teams used in the capacity plans are defined at a higher level in the hierarchy so Team integrity will be retained. A...
Chris Brooks over 3 years ago in Application / Capacity planning 0 Future consideration

Ability to run a report that lists all virtual users and which teams they are part of

We have been using the advanced capacity planner and used that to define allocation of our engineers by teams. We are trying to get the list of our virtual users with the various teams they are defined as part of. We are looking for a way to expor...
Cyril Bousquet over 3 years ago in Capacity planning / Schedules 1 Future consideration

Allow saving a baseline in Capacity for Teams

It would be valuable to be able to execution against a capacity plan. I envision that this would involved being able to snap a baseline once you're settled on a capacity model. Then as you make changes during execution in terms of timing of delive...
Guest almost 2 years ago in Capacity planning 0 Future consideration

Add Visual Effort Indicator to Features on Starter Roadmap

Our business stakeholders, rightfully so, need to understand the level of effort involved in the various items on our roadmaps. At the most basic level, this equates to showing them the number of developers involved in a given item (epic/feature),...
Guest almost 4 years ago in Capacity planning / Roadmaps 0 Future consideration

Change abbreviations for time-based capacity planning units

We use time-based capacity planning in Aha! Develop. Many of our features take less than an hour, e.g. 30 minutes. I would like to enter this as "30m" instead of "30min".
Jeff Tucker almost 2 years ago in Capacity planning 0 Future consideration

Capacity planning - Let me switch between week numbers, week starting, and week ending dates

For me, it's difficult to use week numbers when trying to enter the number of hours I need to assign for a resource. My project plans use actual dates, not weeks, so I would rather use the week starting date. The way the capacity plan page current...
Jeffrey Heilbrunn about 2 years ago in Capacity planning 0 Future consideration

Improve menu language for turning on estimates in features

In the feature edit screen ... menu, the item to turn on the estimates field uses the word "Time tracking history" and then a checkbox. That's highly confusing in organizations that track estimates / effort in points and led our users to not know ...
Bastian Schoell over 2 years ago in Capacity planning 0 Future consideration