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Prioritization should set Epic Rank

The prioritization screen is a great, consolidated way to prioritize epics or features. However, when using this to rank epics and then saving, the rank is not what is reflected in the Epic Rank field. This is still overwritten based on the positi...
Lexy K about 1 year ago in Epic 0 Shipped

Scorecard labels need more space again

The recent update of the scorecards (which I generally like) comes with waaay too short labels. Generally I don't see a reason for the cards being so tiny and labels being truncated. Bigger cards, allowing for more (meaningful) content, would be v...
Guest over 1 year ago in Epic 3 Shipped

Capacity planning: option to pre-populate teams

Please provide an option to pre-populate the list of teams in the capacity planning section of each epic. We have 14 teams where we're capturing estimates. When entering capacity data, it's very onerous having to manually add a row for each team t...
Brian Trombley about 3 years ago in Epic 1 Shipped

Link to creative brief should go to 'presentation' view and not 'editor' view

as a marketing manager, in experimenting with creative briefs I utilized the custom field 'creative brief' picker for our master activities. However when my team clicks on the creative brief, it opens up the 'editor' view instead of the 'presentat...
jason mercer almost 4 years ago in Epic 0 Shipped

Create and edit master features directly in the Releases > Gantt chart

I'd like to be able to create a master feature directly in the Releases > Gantt charts. This will save me from going to another tab to create a master feature, then creating a feature underneath that, and then refreshing my original Gantt chart...
Guest over 4 years ago in Epic 0 Shipped

Ability to remove logged time entries from Master Features

I want to be able to remove logged-time entries from Master Features when using Manual estimates. I may have incorrectly entered the time and need to make an adjustment, but I can't currently remove a previous entry. I can do this with a Feature, ...
Deleted User about 5 years ago in Epic 0 Shipped

Remove 'Flag as delivery risk' option from right-click menu when Delivery risks are disabled

When my workspace has delivery risks disabled I am still presented with the option to flag an epic or feature as a delivery risk through the right-click menu on the board view. This is problematic because a record can be flagged as a delivery risk...
Justin Waldorf 5 months ago in Epic / Features 0 Shipped

Features inherit Initiative

If you set an Epic on a Feature it should automatically inherit the initiative of the Epic. You could keep some flexibility if you want to allow customers to change the initiative afterwards, but I would be surprised if there was a feature that ma...
Guest about 1 year ago in Epic 0 Shipped

Master Feature / Epic Forecasting

Focusing on the bottom up from Features to Initiatives and thinking through Iterative Forecasting I can see a benefit to having flexibility in the automatic date range that Initiatives are able to be set on. Right now they are dependent on Release...
Guest about 5 years ago in Epic 0 Shipped

When defining a feature I want the pulldown of epics to only show epics from the same project.

Currently the other projects come first so I always have to scroll down masses to find my epics. maybe if ones from the same project came first that would help. Otherwise a config to disallow cross project sharing.
Guest over 1 year ago in Epic 3 Shipped