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Ability to map standard fields in Aha to custom fields in JIRA

It would be really useful if I could map standard fields in Aha to custom fields in JIRA. For example... - Assigned User to Product Owner - Aha Score to Business Value These are fields that we use in JIRA that we are having to manually type in aga...
Guest over 9 years ago in Jira 10 Shipped

Associate the Salesforce Account ID with Aha! ideas portal users via SSO

Some of my customers work for large organizations that we have broken down into many accounts in Salesforce. The customers who access the idea portal are associated directly with the Salesforce account and that account might have the same email do...
Erin Ward about 1 year ago in Salesforce 3 Shipped

Integrations 2.0: List view bulk edit Send to for integrations 2.0

Integration 1.0 integrations have the List view option for bulk editing Send to ----. The integrations available to send to do not include 2.0 integrations. 2.0 integrations should be supported for bulk sending operations just like 1.0 integrations.
Danny Archer over 6 years ago in Integrations 6 Shipped

Allow features to be linked to existing Rally User Stories

If we already have User Stories in Rally that are duplicates of features in Aha! we want to be able to manually create a link between them.
Scott Goldblatt almost 8 years ago in Rally 10 Shipped

Allow to sync tags into VSTS

It should be possible to sync the tags into Visual Studio Team-Services.
Dirk Eisenberg almost 8 years ago in Azure DevOps Services and Server 6 Shipped

Add missing Rally built in fields "Project" and "Leaf Story Plan Estimate Total" in Aha! under Integration field mapping

The following fields are available in Rally but are not available in Aha to do field mapping under Aha to Rally Integration. Please add these fields so that teams can map them. Rally Built in field names: Project Leaf Story Plan Estimate Total
Uma Prabhala almost 4 years ago in Rally 4 Shipped

Map Aha Initiative to JIRA Portfolio Initiative

JIRA Portfolio allows for the notion of Initiatives. Portfolio is good for provide views for about 3 months (short-term), beyond that we have found it to struggle. It will be good to sync initiatives so it is possible for engineering to see what i...
Project Parker over 6 years ago in Jira 11 Shipped

Support for "Select list (cascading)" field type in JIRA

JIRA has a custom field type that supports cascading. This is a very useful field type that is currently not supported in Aha. Due to this, we cannot make the field required in JIRA and thus compliance drops off. The JIRA API supports this field s...
Guest over 6 years ago in Jira 10 Shipped

Ability to customize Slack notifications

It should be possible to choose only few types of messages which should be sent to Slack (via Slack integrations). Right now every action in Aha! is creating a notification, it creates a lot of noise.
Guest over 9 years ago in Slack 17 Shipped

Automate Github Sync

Support/Allow automated Github issues sync. Both ways.
Gabo Esquivel about 7 years ago in GitHub 4 Shipped