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Status Shipped
Categories GitHub
Created by Gabo Esquivel
Created on Mar 23, 2017

Automate Github Sync

Support/Allow automated Github issues sync.  Both ways. 

Release time frame 1 month
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  • Hao Liu
    Mar 11, 2018

    Yes, please auto update the GitHub issue when I make a change to the Aha feature.

  • Guest
    Jul 18, 2017

    This should also include automatic milestone update, as changing features in a release in aha doesn't reflect in updating an issue's milestone on github. 

  • Gabo Esquivel
    Mar 24, 2017

    Both Features and Requires
    Aha Features ==> Github Issues with Epic Label
    Aha Requirements ==> Regular issues

    Ref:  Zenhub 

  • Steven Pérez
    Mar 23, 2017

    It would be an awesome feature !


Auto sync with Github

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