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Ability to retitle table of contents in presentations

If you are not using the native header for a slide in presentations, slides within the table of contents merely appear as "Slide #". As your presentation gets longer, it is challenging to quickly navigate around slides without the title or name ap...
Guest about 4 years ago in Presentations 0 Future consideration

Allow unsharing presentation theme templates when they are still shared

Once a presentation theme template is shared and then used by another presentation, sharing cannot be turned off until no other presentations are using that template. A user might not have access to all the templates using the theme, so they will ...
Jonathan Steel 9 months ago in Presentations 0 Future consideration

Allow users to add comments on published presentations

Actually, logged users can add comments on presentations inside Aha! but it may be interesting to allow non-Aha! users to comment a published presentation (public URL, restricted by password or not). Visually, it may be simply a Comments icon over...
Guest about 8 years ago in Presentations 2 Future consideration

Enable to copy tables as objects

It's nice to be able to copy tables from one slide to another in presentations
Ian Babelon 4 months ago in Presentations 0 Future consideration

Add image to a presentation from a URL/URI

The ability to use URI based images allows us to easily update branding and styles without updating each presentation. HAving the same refresh options as Aha views such as manual or automatic refresh gives us some control. This is also necessary w...
Manesh Patel 4 months ago in Presentations 0 Future consideration

Need ability to create elegant document outputs like Word Doc or PDF

One thing holding us back from completely transitioning out of our existing requirements management tool is our inability to export requirements in a document style that is easy to consume and read…. IE, I want to have elegant introductions, image...
Laura Bednasz over 6 years ago in Presentations 2 Future consideration

Custom color in tables

Please allow custom colors to be set for cell background tables like in other parts of the system (text, reports, etc). Specifically the ability to type in a custom hex#, pre-set colors are currently the only option. This includes tables in presen...
Kalyndra Craven almost 2 years ago in Presentations 4 Future consideration

Make Idea Portal IDs & JIRA IDs in Presentation Reports Clickable

This would be extremely useful when reviewing weekly presentation reports with stakeholders. It would allow us to immediately dive deeper into tickets being discussed rather than having to copy paste IDs and append them to relevant URLs (whether I...
Guest over 7 years ago in Presentations 1 Future consideration

Add new autofit option to scale view to fit container in presentation reports

Hello, I am proposing third option to how presentation reports are behaving within a container regarding AUTOFIT. Now there are two options: Allow view to overflow container Shrink view to fit container There is a great feature awaiting to be buil...
Daniel Pokrývka about 1 year ago in Presentations 0 Future consideration

Allow users to browse / discover presentations they are allowed to view

Currently the presentation tab only works for collaborators. I need a way to let regular users discover the latest links for presentations I've published. Right now I have to use a completely external system to share the links with my users which ...
Guest almost 8 years ago in Presentations 0 Future consideration