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Status Future consideration
Categories Presentations
Created by Ronnie Merkel
Created on Oct 21, 2020

Add strategic models to dashboards

We are creating dashboards to view work and share with stakeholders. One ask from stakeholders is the ability to add a vision or model to the dashboard. We would like to be able to add the strategic model canvas or parts of the canvas to the dashboard to create a single view of the workstream. Alternatively the capability to add a textbox or image to the dashboard may fit the need.

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  • Chris Wray
    Nov 29, 2023

    As a strategic dashboard to share with internal users, we would like to add vision and strategic positioning elements to a dashboard, instead of having to create manually and include in a text panel.


Add Strategic Model and Positioning Option to Dashboards

Who would benefit? Everyone What impact would it make? Expand usage of Dashboards How should it work? Models and Positioning Fields/Views made available to select for display in Dashboard views similar to how they are available in Presentations.
Gary Goz 3 months ago in Roadmaps 0 Future consideration