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Add Advanced Feature to custom user fields that allows you to only show a subset of users

We'd like the ability to narrow down user fields to a specific subset of active users. For example, we have a custom field used on a couple different record types that includes a list of project managers. We'd prefer to use a user field for this p...
David Willequer 11 months ago in Features 0 Future consideration

Add views to Aha! records

It's possible to Add Aha! view to notes. We need the ability to embed views into records. We are often referencing work (in lists and pivots) within our records but we have to manually type it out.
Nathaniel Collum 11 months ago in Features / Reports 1 Future consideration

Priority limit line on subsequent pages of Prioritization view

Love the new prioritization lines introduced last week. However, they can only be placed on the first page. We have a need to also place them on the subsequent pages, as we have that many features to keep track of. We're hoping to use these to als...
Guest 11 months ago in Features 2 Future consideration

Enable the widget form to also search for similar ideas when creating a new one

The pop-up form that is triggered by the widget does not currently include the same functionality that the add idea page in the portal does whereby it searches for similar ideas that might already exist. This is essential to minimize duplicate Ide...
Guest 11 months ago in Features 0 Future consideration

Integrate with Technopedia

Roadmap tool should integrate with Technopedia - Prior to Gartner "Acquiring" CEB and its road mapping tool, the State of CA and many other entities used it to first upload application product inventory, run "vendor data validation" against each p...
Guest 11 months ago in Features / Integrations 0 Future consideration

Export the data into a more commonly used software

Title self explanatory - how to export to something like Word.
Guest 11 months ago in Features 0 Future consideration

Initiative - Include Related Records

It would be helpful if we had an option on initiatives and rollup initiatives to automatically include any records related to the records related to the initiative. For example, after associating a release to an initiative, we could click a button...
Kyle Kinder 11 months ago in Features 0 Future consideration

Bulk edit a feature in Sprint Board

Hi Team, It would be great if we can have bulk edit for features parked in particular sprints. For an example, in below sprint board if I can bulk edit features it will save lot of time to not edit one by one individually.
Guest 11 months ago in Features 0 Already exists

Aha! Automation Needs Improvement

I have a mandatory custom field in Aha! Feature’s form and I would like the field to be non-editable once the release is approved through fixed workflow statuses, so that people could not make any changes there and any exception changes should go ...
Ankush Kumar 12 months ago in Features 1 Future consideration

Bring back common text editor buttons

Why were common editor buttons hidden under drop-downs ??? This is an unnecessary change and it's very inconvenient when working on features and requirements.
Guest 12 months ago in Features / Notes 1 Future consideration