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Admin Response Visible on Ideas landing page

We would like to highlight the admin responses we post to Ideas on the Idea Portal landing page, without requiring users to click into the specific idea to see our response. It would better highlight the product team's action in reviewing/respondi...
Guest about 6 years ago in Ideas 2 Future consideration

Ability to track/report "days in state" when promotion and demotion of an Idea Status occur

Dates for a specific Idea that is initially promoted to a new status will get captured and tracked, however if a state is ever demoted / reversed these updated changes are not tracked/captured/updates in either the "date field for the status" and/...
Kenichi K about 3 years ago in Ideas 0 Future consideration

Pre-Defined Lists - Other Option

When using pre-defined lists a lot of there time you may require an "Other" option were a user would then free type what the "Other" was. This would be a good addition as a standard option within pre-defined lists.
Guest about 3 years ago in Ideas 0 Future consideration

Idea bubble chart's Color dimension needs to be fully customizable

We need the ability to control the Idea bubble chart's Color dimension's gradient scale and numeric range/scale, just as we can control all aspects of the other dimensions in that bubble chart. Currently, the Color dimension applies a seemingly r...
Guest over 6 years ago in Ideas 0 Future consideration

A way to account for Engineering teams not aligned to Products

We have a a large and complex code base that requires our Engineering teams to be aligned with components, rather than products. With multiple products using multiple engineering resources, it makes release planning just short of a nightmare. Havi...
Guest over 6 years ago in Ideas 2 Already exists

Disable Status Change on Idea Promotion to Feature or Initiative

The Idea to Feature workflow my team follows is we promote an Idea to a Feature when we agree that the idea is a valid request aligning with our product vision and strategy. A problem has been identified and will investigate the proposed solution ...
Ben Hampton over 6 years ago in Ideas 1 Already exists

Ideas Voter Information Import

Please add functionality to be able to import information on the voters of ideas from another ideas system.I recently migrated my Salesforce ideas to Aha ideas and while I was able to migrate the vote count, there's no way to migrate the details o...
Praseetha Balakrishnan about 3 years ago in Ideas 0 Already exists

Exclude attachments from ideas

When responding to an email from an idea the email is automatically added to the idea. The issue is that if the users PC has a virus it may automatically send an email with a virus as a PDF attachment. That virus will then automatically be added t...
Guest over 6 years ago in Ideas 0 Unlikely to implement

Bulk import companies

Currently companies must be added 1 by 1 when using proxy voting. However, when a B2B organization has a large customer base it can be quite difficult/time consuming to get all those items in.
Dael Jackson over 3 years ago in Ideas 0 Already exists

Match on name and description when doing idea search inside Aha (same as portal)

A search inside Aha only matches on Name and Reference while the portal does allow you to search the description. The portal should be more functional than the complex searching options found in Aha!
Guest over 6 years ago in Ideas 2 Already exists