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Suggest similar ideas for potential merging from internal view (similar to portal view when someone adds a new idea and it matches an existing one)

Goal: Suggest similar ideas to potentially merge based on similarities (similar to portal view when adding new ideas) but this would be for the product team. It would act as a check vs. needing to search and remember the idea # to merge into.
Joe Galanti almost 4 years ago in Ideas 0 Shipped

Custom fields for Idea Organizations

We would love to have custom fields for Organizations. This would allow us to note things like the company's account manager, subscription plan, industry, etc. We could then report, filter, and pivot on this information.
Kelly Sebes about 4 years ago in Ideas 5 Shipped

Collect feedback through in-app surveys

We would like to provide in app polls/surveys for ideas to help prioritize features we work on next. Background: We have a number of shortlisted roadmap items which we have developed business cases for. As one of the inputs to prioritizing these r...
Todd Meyer about 4 years ago in Ideas / In-app feedback 0 Shipped

Show admin response updates in Idea History records

Right now updates to admin responses aren't tracked in the history of the Idea, so there is no way to know which aha user wrote and posted the admin response. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
Kate W over 4 years ago in Ideas 0 Shipped

Add workflow approval to-do's to the idea template

The new workflow approval feature is excellent. I would like to standardize idea evaluation the same way as stage-gated projects. For that I would like to be able to add to-do's to the custom idea template. That way always the same to-do's would h...
Lars B over 4 years ago in Ideas 0 Shipped

Allow admins to rearrange the Description Field on Idea forms.

Currently, the Description field is always at the bottom of the Ideas form when the entered record is viewed within the system. Most users want to see the Description immediately after the Name/Title when viewing the entered record in the system. ...
Kay Hungate over 4 years ago in Ideas 0 Shipped

Integrate Aha! with online collaboration/mindmapping tool

Integrate Aha! with online collaboration/mindmapping tool. For example: Miro, lucidchart, whimsical, etc
Kote Khutsishvili over 4 years ago in Ideas 3 Shipped

Conditional Assigning to Idea to a Person

Our organization has a change management team, so any changes to the flow or journey of our software needs to go through this process. Ideally, if an idea is submitted that meets the specific criteria (i.e Category = Operational Change, etc.) we'd...
Tyler Snyder over 4 years ago in Ideas 0 Shipped

Allow user-defined sorting of Idea Status

Currently, the only sorting that can be performed on Idea Status is Ascending/Descending alphabetical order when that column is used in conjunction with other columns for sorting the overall report. However, in most cases, the Idea Statuses do not...
Guest almost 5 years ago in Ideas 4 Shipped

Customizable Idea Details View

Aha enables users to create custom fields for their Ideas and to arrange them via custom layouts. The Idea Details View is the only full screen view of the Idea however, the Idea Details View you cannot adjust the location of the fields you create...
Guest almost 5 years ago in Ideas 0 Shipped