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allow percent complete in Gantt chart in release->roadmap

I use the release->roadmap view a lot. But I put in my own Features as the "phases" So I think my request amounts to putting in a "percent complete" field into the Feature, and having that value appear in the Gantt chart in release->roadmap.
michael clarage over 8 years ago in Releases 0 Unlikely to implement

Release to Release Dependancies

It would be great if we were able to identify release to release dependencies in the same way that you can for release phases. The use case here is that we have 3 streams for development Customer, Operations & Technical. The customer stream de...
Guest over 8 years ago in Releases 2 Already exists

Having a master milestone that is controlled at the product line level.

I have a product line with multiple products that all release on the same day, so having the release date controlled at the master release level is great. Not all the products have the same phases and milestones so viewing them on the roadmap is r...
Jaclyn Fine over 8 years ago in Releases 0 Unlikely to implement

Allow scorecard at release level

Right now custom scorecards can be assigned only at the workspace lvl, which does not really allow for changing priorities and weightings. Worse, if we do change any fundamental portion of a scorecard, it will mass update everything in that worksp...
Guest about 4 years ago in Releases 0 Future consideration

Reporting on release phases/milestones comment field should only show the entered comment

When reporting release phase (or milestone) comment, the user who entered the comment and the date the comment was entered is included. Desire to see ONLY the comment in reports and NOT the "log" associated with the comment. Perhaps a second field...
Dawn Milbut about 4 years ago in Releases 0 Future consideration

Watch changes in a workspace, but Releases OR Features only, not everything.

Currently I can watch at a workspace level, but it is overwhelming with the number of features being added. I would like to only be notified for changes happening on release timeline (phases and milestones). I don't really care about new or modifi...
Guest about 4 years ago in Releases 1 Future consideration

Show weekday in project roadmap

We are working in weekly sprints and would be nice to have the weekday number over the project roadmap (when reasonable depending on the zoom level).
Alejandro Blaas over 8 years ago in Releases 0 Unlikely to implement

View release phases by weeks rather than dates

It is occasionally necessary to plan and propose releases without knowing the date on which they will start. In these cases I'd like to show the number of weeks each phase will take and what will run concurrently. Instead of showing the date (1 Oc...
Guest almost 9 years ago in Releases 0 Unlikely to implement

Be able to automatically (retroactively) be able to add release phases to releases

When you add releases in JIRA which we tend to do and they get imported into Aha! it is too time consuming to add each release phase to a release. We have about 8 release phases. It would be helpful if we can retroactively apply the a release temp...
Guest over 4 years ago in Releases 1 Already exists

Make it harder to accidentally delete release phase dependencies in "release detailed" view

I am constantly clicking the red x and deleting release phase dependencies when I go to change the length of a phase. I have no idea how many times I've done this, basically 90% of the time that I adjust the length of a release phase. There were a...
Eva Humphrey almost 9 years ago in Releases 0 Unlikely to implement