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Show JIRA Integration Name On Release Screen

Hi Team - As of right now, if we have multiple integrations enabled and tagged to a particular release, since the release name is common across all JIRA projects, the release screen shows - 1) Actual name of the release 2) And not the integration ...
Amish Singhal almost 4 years ago in Releases 4 Future consideration

Proper Sub-Groups on the Gantt Chart

Sub-groups allow items on a Gantt Chart to be nested within other items. For example, you could have an item named 'Demo Prototype' within which you would list each individual demo, 'Sales Demo', 'Marketing Demo', Support Demo', etc. Currently th...
Guest almost 8 years ago in Releases 6 Already exists

Releases Roadmap - Update chart button to refresh page after changes are made

For different views and reports in Aha!, when you make changes, a blue Update table button appears. On the other hand, when you make changes to the timelines of Releases, Phases, or Milestones in the Releases -> Roadmap view, in order to see th...
Matt Case almost 8 years ago in Releases 0 Unlikely to implement

Release Template Start date should be the start date of the release

It would be ideal when you add in the release phase template to the release the dates start from the development start date. This would then prevent having to reshuffle the milestones as the dates are not aligned to the release.
Natasha Venter almost 4 years ago in Releases 0 Future consideration

Adding documents to a shipped release

We want to be able to easily add documentation to a shipped release as often once the release goes out, we may need to amend or add additional docs such as FAQ updates etc. Currently we have to "unship", add the docs and re-ship and beware of any ...
Ben Bishop almost 6 years ago in Releases 2 Unlikely to implement

Option to Customize Release Roadmap Assignee value/field

Would like option to customize the Release Roadmap to show another field (like Tags or a custom field with multiple values) instead of (or in addition to) the Assignee field.
Guest almost 8 years ago in Releases 4 Future consideration

Activity cannot start until the activity it's dependent on is completed

If an activity is dependent on another activity within a plan, it would be nice if that activity cannot start until the activity it's dependent on is completed. Also it would be nice to notify the owner of that activity that they can start on thei...
Ralph Kreidly almost 4 years ago in Releases 0 Future consideration

Provide an Approval Process for Documents within Activities and Save Historical Versions

We use Activities under Plans to generate and deliver documents that go through an approval process. It would be helpful if those documents can go through an approval process within Aha and also save historical versions of the documents while goin...
Ralph Kreidly almost 4 years ago in Releases 0 Future consideration

Release Gantt: allow work during weekend

Currently the Gantt chart (and all auto end date calculations) assume release phases cannot be worked on over the weekend. This is not always the truth (we're using a 3rd party to QA our builds over the weekend)
Nadav Barkaee about 2 years ago in Releases 0 Future consideration

Tree of Releases

We use release to reflect our Product Increments. As we are synchronizing with AzureDevops we cannot take advantage of the Release Phases. Therefore It would make sense to be able to define a Hierarchy of Releases: e.g. Release PI-5 --> Release...
Christophe Bucheli about 4 years ago in Releases 1 Future consideration