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Having Multiple Success Metrics to same Goals.

Be able to have multiple success metrics for the same goal. Because a major goal could be divided into multiple KPIs. Or just be able to group the Goals.
Torben Hinge over 9 years ago in Strategy 4 Shipped

Configure initiative hierarchy

1. Similar to product / product hierarchy, it would be great to be able to define the initiative hierarchy in 1 view. In our case, we have defined initiatives at product line- / product-levels. It'd be great to be able to view / edit the whole str...
Guest over 9 years ago in Strategy 2 Shipped

Context-sensitive Goal pull-downs

The pull down to relate items to a Goal brings up a huge list across all available workspaces. Please show the ones associated with the current Workspace ( and its parent/children) first. Note that this applies to most other elements of the data m...
Keith Mantell almost 4 years ago in Strategy 0 Shipped

Enable @mention notation for personas

When entering descriptions of various parts of the data model, it would be useful to be able to cite or otherwise mention personas. This could take the form of @ notation, or similar, which would provide a quick search capability. This would mak...
Guest over 4 years ago in Strategy 1 Shipped

Add Timeline Management on Initiative

When we are looking at an initiative that has a start date and an end start when is comes to an offer. For instance if I have an offer that has a Start date to market and then End Date to close out the offer I have to currently have two releases...
Guest over 7 years ago in Strategy 2 Shipped

Ability to archive Goals and Initiatives to hide old ones.

When starting planning for а new time period it would be great to put old Achieved and Abandoned Goals and Initiatives into a place that doesn't interfere with new ones. At the moment achieved Goals still show up on the effort/value graph and can ...
Serge Doubinski over 8 years ago in Strategy 2 Shipped

Add custom fields to Goals

No description provided
Suzanne Vaughan over 8 years ago in Strategy 1 Shipped

Make persona header images more flexible to resize

Anyone that would like to take a standard image and resize it to fit in the crop area would benefit. With the current set up, I am unable to decrease the size of a 1024x768 image so that more of it (e.g. a complete head) can fit in the crop area. ...
Guest about 5 years ago in Strategy 4 Shipped

Personas Editor Box Formatting

Currently the the top row of cells in Personas and Competitors always present text as center-aligned which is not useful to our team. We would like to have the persona editor box function as the view suggests: "bullet", "justification", etc.
Marina Reyna over 5 years ago in Strategy 2 Shipped

Hide persona heading image if none is specified

The choice of a 5:1 aspect ratio for Persona heading images continues to baffle me. It would be nice that if you don’t specify a heading image the layout view would reclaim the vertical space. As it is, the most important real estate on my persona...
Guest over 5 years ago in Strategy 1 Shipped