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Bulk import from HTML or JSON into Notes

What is the challenge? Moving from a different KB source into Aha! Knowledge requires manual copying, pasting, and reformatting. How would you solve it? An import tool that accepts HTML or JSON would speed up this process. What impact would it mak...
Emily Yankush 23 days ago in Knowledge base / Notes 0 Future consideration

Visually show when I add a text panel to a Dashboard

What is the challenge? When I add a text panel to a Dashboard, I'm not clear if my action has been successful. If the next available panel space in my Dashboard is not shown in my current screen, I won't know if it has been added or not. This coul...
Terence Osmeña 23 days ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

Option to directly apply inherited settings to workspaces/lines

What is the challenge? When a parent line is updated, or a workspace is moved between lines, there can be a complete (and often incorrect) change to the data as a result of inherited setting values changing. Doing this manually is only possible wh...
David I. 23 days ago in Account settings 0 Future consideration

When "Last active date" is changed ensure an entry is created in the record History

What is the challenge? The "Last active date" is used to determine account usage and also to detect possible data integrity issues. It is also use to report on and enforce standards for an account. When this date changes we need to know what chang...
Deb Gay 23 days ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

Ability to add alt text to Aha! Knowledge Advanced images

What is the challenge? Our knowledgebase must be perceivable by all audiences (including non-sighted visitors). How would you solve it? Adding alt text to images enables a screen reader to voice the alt text to the non-sighted or low-vision reader...
Joseph Gehling 24 days ago in Notes 1 Future consideration

Aha will not direct the user to the last epic prioritization page they were on.

What is the challenge? Aha will always direct the user to the last tab they were on. For other view/page like workflow, board or details under feature, it works. But not for prioritization page. Users get confused since Aha can't direct them to ep...
Ashton Tsou 24 days ago in Epic 0 Likely to implement

Add OKR enabled/disabled to workspace settings reporting

What is the challenge? With the introduction of the new OKR functionality in Aha! I can configure my individual workspaces/lines to enable OKRs but as an admin, I cannot quickly report on which workspaces and lines have enabled or disabled the OKR...
Justin Waldorf 24 days ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

Compare changes between two roadmap version

What is the challenge? My board and ELT routinely want to see the roadmap - and they want to know what moved from the prior meeting. I currently "snapshot" the roadmap (to PNG) and then manually go item by item for the next (quarterly) meeting to ...
Guest 24 days ago in Roadmaps 3 Already exists

Show both Phases AND Epics on a Gantt chart

What is the challenge? While we can make use of both epics and phases on a given Schedule (aka Release), we have no way visualize both in the same Gannt chart. How would you solve it? Create a new Gannt Type option for "Schedules, phases, epics, a...
Kim Bremer 24 days ago in Schedules 0 Future consideration

Improve editing features within tables in Notes/Knowledge to make them more reliable

What is the challenge? Tables are a great, versatile component, however editing text within tables gets a bit erratic: typing within a sentence or editing a word will unexpectedly send the cursor to the end of the paragraph or sentence, making edi...
Ian Babelon 24 days ago in Notes 3 Future consideration