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Move Ideas to top of Research Tab

When viewing the research tab, the first thing I want to see are the ideas related to my record. Ideas are the most likely research item I will have associated with my features and will often drive the creation of the assets I would add to the "co...
Bonnie Trei 2 months ago in Ideas research 0 Future consideration

Sharing Options of Email Schedule - Share as excel or csv file attachment

We need options to send reports as excel or csv file attachments with email schedule. This can help automate and simplify our data output process to integrate with other applications (e.g. Smartsheet) without the need to develop custom API data co...
Hank Liu about 1 month ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

Allow the admin to show/hide the 'edit ideas' button

Editing is useful for typos and such but if the context of an idea in the idea portal gets changed it may lose its relevance to the promoted feature - dollar value, customer name, or even category.
Curtis Wiseman 10 days ago in Ideas portal 0 Future consideration

Show amount owed if seats added

Currently a billing admin can provide the PO number when adding seats in an Aha! account which is great but it would also be good to show a preview of how much will be owed so that they can generate the PO accordingly.
Peter Whisenant 11 days ago in Account settings 0 Future consideration

Dashboards, hide column when using list reports

Provide a possibility to hide some column of list report when you are using Dashboards. I need to use calculation columns in my list report but I do not want to show that columns to the users in the Dashboards (there are step that will contribute ...
Milosz Konarczyk 11 days ago in Roadmaps 0 Future consideration

Enhance competitor list using AI

I would like to use AI to add to, and update the information in my competitor list (>Strategy>Competitors): company web page and video summaries company size and valuation feature lists pricing user feedback In addition, the AI could sug...
Chris Taylor 11 days ago in Strategy 0 Future consideration

Sorting the competitor list

I have a large number of competitors listed in my strategy area, but unless I drag the list items (not practical given the number in there) I can't sort them (other than exporting and re-importing, which is not a good solution). This makes the lis...
Chris Taylor 11 days ago in Strategy 0 Future consideration

Idea portal users - Reject non-business email domains

We would like to open up our idea portal to both internal and external users. The external users would be a combination of customers and prospects. However, we want to ensure that external users are authentic in order to avoid junk ideas. Need the...
Guest 11 days ago in User management 0 Future consideration

Capacity planning unit to support T Shirt Size

Please add an additional unit of "T Shirt Size" to support capacity planning. When planning for a longer time horizon (e.g. annual planning), using story points, people or hours is not sufficient. We estimate initiatives & epics using T Shirt ...
Eve Laren 21 days ago in Capacity planning 0 Future consideration

Bulk copy Records (Epics/Features)

We need the ability to bulk copy selected records (e.g. epics / features). How we expect it is implemented We are aware that we can multi-select records on feature boards. After multi-selecting, we want to right click on the selected records and c...
Hank Liu about 1 month ago in Epic 0 Likely to implement