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Add ability to add HTML blocks to the KB

What is the challenge? Users who want to further customize their KB contents want more flexibility. What is the impact? This would give KB users more options in terms of the content they can add and how it is presented. Describe your idea Add the ...
Maria Plotkina 23 days ago in Knowledge base 0 Future consideration

Add "recents" to templates

What is the challenge? Have to search when looking for a template What is the impact? Productivity increased Describe your idea When using a template (e.g. in a requirement or note), it would be nice if there was a list of "recents" to pull from —...
Molly Jane Quinn 24 days ago in Notes 0 Future consideration

Planning Poker Template

What is the challenge? Since Aha! already has the Feature/Requirement data, it would be good to be able to bring in a list of Features, Requirements (User Stories) into a template for planning poker by a team. What is the impact? Provide the abili...
Lorena Connolly 26 days ago in Whiteboards 0 Future consideration

Parking Lot filter for Reports in Roadmap>Analytics>Pivot or Roadmap>Analytics>List

What is the challenge? The organization has a complex hierarchy of initiatives, activations, epics, and features. After researching this question, it seems multiple users have brought this up and the workaround is to use release dates, or names, o...
Chris Vellucci 27 days ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

Wireframes via AI

What is the challenge? Building wireframes can take time even when working with a template. What is the impact? Speed to market, competitive to other wireframe products. Describe your idea Many softwares now can build images and/or wireframes with...
Dave Frauenhofer 27 days ago in Mockups 0 Future consideration

Expand Knowledge Base to enable in-app notifications in MY app

What is the challenge? Updates and notifications to the Knowledge Base rely on a user being logged in to the Knowledge Base itself to see these. What is the impact? Updates won't be shared in the way I want them to be. Describe your idea Users are...
Sophia Papadopoulos about 1 month ago in Knowledge base 2 Future consideration

Allow immediate delete for brand new workspaces

Currently workspaces can only be archived. They cannot be instantly deleted. This is a great safeguard to prevent real workspaces from actually being deleted. However it causes problems when you accidentally create a workspace as a line, or vice v...
Austin Merritt about 1 month ago in Account settings 0 Future consideration

Add a TO-DOS icon on the card layout

What is the challenge? User has to go into the card details to check if there are any TO-DOS. What is the impact? Adding an icon on the card layout that will display the number of TO-DOS for that feature will have a time saving impact. Describe yo...
Guest about 1 month ago in To-dos 0 Future consideration

Install new fonts for Knowledge Base

What is the challenge? We would like to use a Knowledge Base for external user access; however, without the ability to use our branded font, it is a challenge What is the impact? Misalignment with branding materials Describe your idea We would lik...
Jeff Bye about 1 month ago in Knowledge base 0 Future consideration

Calculate Release Date Range from Epics

What is the challenge? There are teams who only use Epics in their workspaces, but the date range of Releases can only be calculated from Features. Moreover, there are no automation rules or integration mapping options to automatically update the ...
Hank Liu about 1 month ago in Releases 2 Future consideration