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Worksheets support filtering on custom proxy vote fields

Who would benefit? Enterprise+ customers with Ideas Advanced What impact would it make? Greater flexibility when reporting on proxy vote data How should it work? Use case: I want to count the number of proxy votes on an idea, filtered by proxy vot...
Dale Potter 6 months ago in Ideas 0 Shipped

Email comments to the idea creator if they are an Aha! user

Who would benefit? Submit only portal users, all portal admins What impact would it make? communications How should it work? 1 - I wanted to circle back on the comment feature. The issue is not that the comment option is not there, rather that I c...
Guest 6 months ago in Ideas portal 2 Shipped

Allow new Develop teams to be added to existing PIs

Who would benefit? Teams using Aha! Develop who are growing and adding new groups of developers. What impact would it make? This would make it possible to easily expand to new teams without having to involved Aha! Engineering or reset all PI setup...
Austin Merritt 6 months ago in Sprints 1 Shipped

Edit external links from Research tab

Who would benefit? All Roadmaps users What impact would it make? It would help users easily access and edit external links, you can only delete a link currently but you may need to change a link title or URL etc. How should it work? Allow users to...
Jeanette Resnikoff 6 months ago in Notes 0 Shipped

Share Notebook folders as a webpage so users can access all documents

Who would benefit? To further encourage customers to use Aha! Notebooks to centrally store all their product documentation, this would let customers easily share a library of knowledge with their stakeholders. This would benefit all teams who need...
Max Robbins 6 months ago in Notes 0 Shipped

Custom Roles not showing when inherited from the product line

Who would benefit? Aha users who need to determine Product Manager by workspace What impact would it make? When users in Aha need to request permission to a specific workspace, the user needs permission from the current product owner as identified...
Mike Jacobson 7 months ago in Account settings 0 Shipped

Notebook Documents left pane now is fix width instead of adjustable

Who would benefit? all users who use notebook and document section What impact would it make? User is able to adjust browser real estate, minimizing the left pane to have more working area space, specially with small monitors or laptop screens. Ho...
Guest 7 months ago in Notes 0 Shipped

Sort Added Records and Removed Records in Retrospective Report by date

Who would benefit? Users of retrospective What impact would it make? Organization of data How should it work? Currently these two dialogues appear to sort randomly. Since there is a date tied to the records in each of these areas, it would be nice...
Greg Lyons 7 months ago in Reports 0 Shipped

Don't require email on in-app submission widget when using JWT key

Who would benefit? Customers that are using in-app submission widgets with a JWT secret key What impact would it make? It is easier for people to submit an idea. How should it work? The JWT key would pass in the appropriate user email address rend...
Justin Waldorf 8 months ago in In-app feedback 0 Shipped

Allow capacity planning scenario estimates to align to fiscal year setting

Who would benefit? Customers using capacity planning for teams whose fiscal year does not align to the calendar year What impact would it make? Today, the capacity report does not properly attribute quarterly estimates when the team's fiscal year ...
Reilly O'Connor 8 months ago in Capacity planning 0 Shipped