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Make Develop Planning Poker extension work better for video grooming sessions

First, I know that this extension is a good example for you to use for teaching people how to change/develop them, but I strongly recommend adding a few larger numbers to the current list that ends in 8. I think that’s too small for anybody, and t...
Guest 2 days ago in Extensions 0

Variable Team capacity setting with custom time period

Why: This would allow variable team capacity per month/week etc. With current state of capacity setting, teams cannot account for changes in resources for partial project spans, member additions, losses, changes etc. This makes this feature less v...
Karla Johnson 4 days ago in Capacity planning 0 Future consideration

Remember sort order for Roadmaps > Overview

The Roadmaps > Overview makes it easy for us to favourite reports and organize them into folders. It would be awesome if the sort order was remembered per user when they return back to the page later or refresh the screen. Currently the Featur...
Shawn Zenz 4 days ago in Roadmaps 0

Ability to adjust report element hierarchy

In pivot and/or list reports, I often have the original report correct but then need to adjust what is the master record and/or how the elements are related. I also have had this issue with custom roadmaps.Right now, I have to take snapshots of t...
Cheryl Hatos 18 days ago in Reports 0 Future consideration
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Set a default progress calculation

Challenge: Currently, the progress field is automatically set to calculate manually when added to a custom layout. This causes manual work if I want all my records to be calculated based on a different option.Desired experience: I would like to be...
Julie Price about 1 year ago in Features 29 Likely to implement

Hide features in "Will not do" from the backlog

In Aha! Develop, I see work records that are in the "Will not do" status on my backlog. During a sprint planning exercise; there may be times where a backlog item is moved into a Will not do status. This means that the work does not enter the spri...
Madeleine Black 9 days ago in Workflow boards 0

Show similar ideas by keywords while typing a new idea

Use case: using the integrated idea portal in our product our new customers often do not search for similar ideas before submitting a new one, which creates a lot of duplications and lost of votes. It would be very helpful if the "submit an idea" ...
Guest 5 days ago in Ideas portal 0 Future consideration

View expedited items on the workflow board

Users can prioritize work in Aha! Develop only by ordering the features. Sometimes, we have emergent work appear that doesn't follow our typical prioritization process. We need to highlight these issues on the workflow board so the team has the a...
Jeff Tucker 11 days ago in Workflow boards 0 Future consideration

Aha Develop - Shipped Features not removed from Sprint Planning Prioritized Backlog

As part of Sprint Planning, when features in the "Prioritized Backlog" are having a status of "shipped" they are remaining in the "Prioritized Backlog". When deemed "shipped" status they should disappear from Sprint Planning "Prioritized Backlog.A...
Clark Milner 3 days ago in Sprints 0

Aha Develop - Ability to see Completed Sprints

Currently cannot go back and see the completed Sprints, once an active Sprint is flagged as "Complete Sprint". Need this for sizing reference and auditing of retrospectives and other info in the Sprint Theme.In the attached example we completed sp...
Clark Milner 3 days ago in Sprints 0