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Automatically update record status from development tools

Developers have to manually keep statuses up-to-date to reflect the work they're doing in other systems. Code-based automation via extensions allow developers to automate this, but requires implementing several extensions that do the same general ...
Jeff Tucker over 2 years ago in Extensions 1 Shipped

BitBucket extension for Aha! Develop

Much like the Github extension for Aha! Develop, it would be very helpful to have an extension into BitBucket to view the statuses of PRs.
Madeleine Black over 2 years ago in Extensions / Wanted 2 Shipped

GitLab extension for Aha! Develop

My team uses GitLab for source control management. I want to see the status of merge requests associated with my feature in Aha! Develop.
Jeff Tucker over 2 years ago in Extensions 0 Shipped