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Add Features to multiple initiatives

Many intiatives may benefit from some common functionality. If you could add a feature to multiple initiatives it would allow you to better track the impact of the feature across the entire business.
Bob Carlson over 5 years ago in Strategy 37 Will not implement

Deleting a JIRA issue (story, epic) that is linked in AHA, should be deleted in AHA

When you have items linked from JIRA to AHA (example STORY->FEATURE, EPIC->MASTER FEATURE), the items deleted in JIRA should be deleted in AHA
Carlos Palminha 10 months ago in Jira 5 Will not implement

I want the previous design back - no more "surprises" over night.

Stop messing around with the user interface - I really do not like having to learn a new UserInterface every couple of days.Especially this time where your update introduced yet another set of features that slowed me down. In short, the new UI suc...
Guest 2 months ago in  1 Will not implement

Update Feature ID when moved to another product

When you create or copy a feature, its ID is automatically created based on the product code. The ID is a combination of the product code and an auto number (and that is perfectly fine). But when you change the release reference to a release of an...
Guest over 5 years ago in Features 10 Will not implement

Provide user friendly information when error occurs in / confluence integration

Hello, we have this error coming from our server version of Confluence when using plugin to show reports:UI within plugin: refused to connect.Chrome console: Refused to display '
Daniel Pokrývka 3 months ago in Presentations 0 Will not implement

Allow Reviewers to create Notes

The introduction of the Notes feature was great, my team needs a place where all our discussions and scrum meeting minutes can live. But Reviewers - who are often the type of developer/team member who is most likely to need a place for general not...
jenny miller almost 6 years ago in Features 4 Will not implement

Allow visibility of linked tickets without having access to other teams

As a Product Owner, whose user stories are dependent on other user stories, features or ideas, I want to see the links between those other tickets so I can understand impact of other teams and can coordinate with other Product Owners to ensure the...
Jill Bower over 2 years ago in Account settings 2 Will not implement

Allow Jira to update the status of releases in Aha

A little bit like the compliment to APP-I-1193. We create releases in Product Management, and then send them to Jira when they're ready for development. Product Management tracks the release status in Aha. Unfortunately, when development marks t...
Jason Slaughter over 5 years ago in Releases 4 Will not implement

Need option to search by Asset ID or Asset Name in MyAsset application

When we are setting up Repair owner in the application, presently option is to select equipment ids from the drop down list. Their we would need option to search & select an equipment id via Asset ID or Asset name. Or provide a link from Equi...
Guest 6 months ago in  0 Will not implement

Rename the "button" name in Engineer login of MyAsset application

When an incident is assigned to an engineer, they are expected to accept that incident. To accept the button field name populates as "Take". Request is to rename the filed to "Accept"
Guest 6 months ago in  0 Will not implement