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Option for a field type of Month

Please add support for a field type which captures Month and is graphable on a timeline. When estimating timelines, we usually don't get to a day level precision, but we need to put in some sort of date in order to generate a timeline view. But of...
Lisa Gutierrez 5 days ago in Schedules 0

Status Indicators in Left Side Display in Gantt View

I have a schedule with many activities, displaying in Gantt view. Some of the activities are marked 'Will not do', but it is not obvious until you click on the item and view the field. This makes it difficult when reviewing in a meeting. If there ...
Guest about 2 months ago in Schedules 0 Future consideration

Add activities to schedule template w/ phases

In our organization we have a process that has specific phases w/ specific activities in each phase. It would be helpful to be able to create a schedule template w/ phases and the activities within that phase so we can easily standardize schedules...
Danielle Martinez 2 months ago in Schedules 0 Future consideration

Ability to add more than 40 schedules to a Gantt

We are using the Gantts to show a portfolio overview of when things will be delivered. The limit of 40 schedules means there are many pieces/dependencies that cannot be seen. CAn you lift that 40 limit?
Guest 3 months ago in Schedules 0 Future consideration

Change color of dependency/arrow in Gantt charts

In order to easily see the dependencies of/with an item in a Gantt chart, it would help if the arrows/links from/to an item changed color when clicking on the item in a Gantt chart (while the item is selected).
Guest 3 months ago in Schedules 0 Future consideration

Allow schedules to be used with epics

Since a launch (and the schedules aligned to said launch) should really be treated as an epic (v. release)
Danielle A 10 months ago in Schedules 1 Already exists

Moving Dependent Items in Gantt

In the Gantt chart when we move one item which has dependency link with other items, ideally all those should move but that doesn't seems to be happening. Is that a feature missing and how soon can we have that? There could be multiple counter arg...
Guest 11 months ago in Schedules 1 Future consideration

calendar view to "fit on one page".

Single page print out of the calendar as teams do tend to print out monthly schedules
Guest 11 months ago in Schedules 0 Future consideration

Risk Management Capability

One very large gap is the lack of ability to manage risks/issues. Similar to To-Do/Approval, we need a Risk/Issue tab for each key element (Plan, Epic, Activity) where we can record Risks and Issues; the ability to promote from Risk to Issue to Cl...
Sorin Vacaru 12 months ago in Schedules 2 Already exists

Show custom events/milestones in roadmap views

I would like to be able to show key events as milestones or highlighted some other way in my roadmaps. This would be particularly useful for products that are targeting specific trade show events. As these are externally defined milestones, I woul...
Mark Gerrard about 1 year ago in Schedules 0 Future consideration