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Status Future consideration
Categories Schedules
Created by Lisa Gutierrez
Created on Aug 4, 2022

Option for a field type of Month

Please add support for a field type which captures Month and is graphable on a timeline.

When estimating timelines, we usually don't get to a day level precision, but we need to put in some sort of date in order to generate a timeline view. But of course, the minute you put an actual date into Aha, it's interpreted by management as a committed date, even though the field clearly says "Target" and there's a whole other field for "Committed". Yes, we've tried retraining management, they're untrainable :-)

Yes, I know we can adjust the precision in roadmap views to only show at the month level, but management has contributor permissions in Aha and can go in and view the individual items and still see this date. Trust me, I'd love to pull their permissions.

We've tried changing the field type to be a Predefined field type, but then we lose the ability to graph it on a timeline.

So, it would be very helpful to be able to estimate at the month level and still be able to graph it on a timeline

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