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Support for iPad Pro 11" screen resolution

On the 11" 2018 iPad Pro, the Aha! app is pillar-boxed. It would be nice to be able to take advantage of the full screen size.
Guest about 5 years ago in Mobile 0 Shipped

Aha! mobile app for Android

I noticed you recently launched a mobile app for iPhone. I am an Android user and would like to be able to access Aha! through an Android app.
Austin Merritt almost 6 years ago in Mobile 4 Shipped

Mobile app for published notebooks (iOS, Android, native...)

Hello, I was wondering, for the shared notbook. Is there any plan to make it responsive? when I see in my cell phone it not responsive and quite difficult to read. Otherwise, is there any phone application to easy the process of reading the roadma...
Chris Waters almost 9 years ago in Mobile / Presentations 4 Shipped
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Aha iOS App

Mobility is key to making a tool universally accepted in the workflow of a team. Look at the popularity of Slack as a result of the user experience of using the product across multiple platforms/devices. It would be great to have the core team fun...
Adam Thomas almost 9 years ago in Mobile 80 Shipped