Aha iOS App

Mobility is key to making a tool universally accepted in the workflow of a team. Look at the popularity of Slack as a result of the user experience of using the product across multiple platforms/devices.

It would be great to have the core team functionality of Aha available via Apps such as:

  • View Product Initiatives
  • Release view
  • Feature / Requirements Management
  • Kanban boards
  • Reports
  • Adam Thomas
  • Jul 20 2015
  • Shipped
Release time frame
  • Jul 24, 2018

    Admin Response

    It is finally time to take Aha! with you when you are on the go.  Now you can stay connected wherever you are.

    Read about and download the new Aha! mobile app for iPhone®

    Android users — you are up next! Please subscribe to this idea for updates on a gift we will have for you in the coming months. 

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  • Tamer Sabry commented
    August 08, 2015 08:12

    I want it. 

  • Adrian Barkus commented
    August 12, 2015 21:46

    As a products manager I have other team members working on features and with out an iPhone app I am offline till I get to my desk again!  Come on this is standard in software products today, stop resisting mobile.

  • James Conley commented
    August 12, 2015 21:53

    Yes, greatly needed concept!

  • Derik Sutton commented
    August 26, 2015 00:36

    Need real, real bad

  • Admin
    Chris Waters commented
    August 26, 2015 00:56

    Can you expand on what aspects of Aha! you would like to use in a mobile application? Obviously replicating every feature in a mobile app would be a huge amount of work, and a challenge to maintain. If we could determine a subset that makes the most sense to use when mobile this idea would be much more feasible.

  • Tamer Sabry commented
    August 26, 2015 07:17

    I would like to be able to the following in the mobile app:

    • View saved reports
    • View Notebooks (Webpage view)
    • View to-do list
    • Add  / edit to-do list
    • View my Kanban board Features
    • Add goals
    • Add Initiatives
    • Add Features 
    • Add Releases
    • View Release roadmap
    • View Feature timeline
  • Rob Bedeaux commented
    August 26, 2015 12:43

    The key things that I would like to see:

    1. Add/Edit feature
    2. Add/Edit idea
    3. Comment on above
    4. Manage to-dos
    5. Present notebooks
    6. Create versions/phases and add comments
  • Bryan McCarty commented
    August 26, 2015 13:29

    I would use the following:

    • View saved reports
    • To-do list management
    • View board Features
    • Add /edit Features 
    • Add/edit Releases
    • View Release roadmap
    • View Feature timeline
  • Simon Smith commented
    December 29, 2015 17:51

    What I would find most valuable to start:

    • Add/edit/prioritize/comment on ideas (drag and drop idea prioritization chart would be great on iPad)
    • Add/edit/comment on features

    Other things, as noted in others' comments, would be valuable. But to me these are essentials as they're high-volume activities.

  • Josh Chu commented
    January 07, 2016 01:51

    Aha web on mobile is pretty bad (eg save model emulates web which is awkward on mobile)

  • Joe Ross commented
    January 15, 2016 20:24

    Including idea portal management would be a feature of a mobile app I would find useful. Reviewing and updating status via the app.

  • Analisa Meyer commented
    January 20, 2016 21:17

    I would be happy with an initial release with just view only capabilities. Future enhancements for adding/editing would be great.

  • Christian O. Petersen commented
    January 29, 2016 01:36

    I love Aha.io but I am trying to make sure that all the tools I use on my Mac also work well on my iPad Pro which is the tool I use in meetings, stakeholder conversations and when working out and about.

    It would be great if you had an Aha native app, but if that is not in the cards, then just making the web app more touch screen friendly would be very helpful. This would help everyone with tablets, smartphones and phablets.

    The most important areas to have on my iPad Pro are:

    • Strategy Overview & Goals
    • Release view
    • Feature / Requirements Management / Roadmap
  • Matt Khoury commented
    February 15, 2016 20:09

    I'd argue that you don't need an app, you just need a really great responsive design.

  • Raphael Vidal commented
    March 10, 2016 22:55

    I spend 70% of my time, working from my phone.
    Aha! app is a must have.

  • Guest commented
    April 13, 2016 05:31


  • Rob Parrish commented
    May 09, 2016 01:08

    The key feature for me in an iOS app is the ability to add new features / ideas. That when,

    - View/create/edit ideas
    - View/create/edit features
    - Comment on both ideas & features
    - View release roadmap

    Everything else people have mentioned are nice, but not required.

  • Abdallah Ahmed commented
    May 10, 2016 15:25

    Really, really need it 

  • Nuri TOK commented
    May 13, 2016 10:25

    When Aha reflects telephone screen, it will be nice. Especially navigation applications. 

  • James Mallorie commented
    May 27, 2016 10:41

    This would make such a difference to internal and external uptake for us. 

  • Guest commented
    June 08, 2016 08:51

    would install it right now if it was here

  • Marc commented
    June 16, 2016 08:36

    Don't forget the features can ban... Maps well to Jira on the PC and would make meetings when traveling much better.

  • Marc commented
    June 16, 2016 08:37

    that was supposed to read KANBAN.

  • Melanie Akwule commented
    June 24, 2016 21:43

    Agree on the to-do management, also the ability to upload pictures/attachments to a feature

  • Adrian B commented
    August 18, 2016 22:21

    I need it, I'm often out of office and I can't keep upto date or comment. Life sux without an iPhone app for Aha!

  • Ernest Ianetti commented
    August 23, 2016 01:13

    I need it to use when I'm on the go.

  • Jonathan Koscik commented
    August 30, 2016 07:32

    iOS? People still use that?

    Android support Please!

  • Jon Martingale commented
    August 30, 2016 11:19

    In addition to the many comments already made, I would also like the app to allow other users (e.g. my field based people) to be able to log ideas that come from meetings straight away. This makes it more likely that detail is recorded as the idea can be recorded while on the go.

  • Paula Davis commented
    September 07, 2016 16:06

    I think an app would be great for ideas - I envisage our sales team using it to give feedback from clients and prospects right after sales meetings while it's fresh in their minds.

  • Paula Davis commented
    September 07, 2016 16:41

    I would like to see the app focus on ideas - I could see it being used by our sales people right after meetings with clients and prospects to forward feedback as soon as they receive it - they are much less likely to do this if they have to wait until they are back at their desk.

  • Alexander Fridriksson commented
    September 08, 2016 09:22

    Mobile app - iOS and Android - is a must!!! ;)

  • Erik Jost commented
    September 19, 2016 04:24

    Seriously, how is this not a thing yet? Microsoft has planner integrated to Outlook Groups already.

  • Brian Bruce commented
    September 23, 2016 18:22

    In agreement with everyone else on here. We need a mobile version desperately! Any plans?

  • Vedran Blazanovic commented
    September 29, 2016 17:33

    If possible, launching both iOS & Android would be valuable for the users.

  • Simon Davies commented
    October 18, 2016 07:30

    +1 for Bryan McCarty's list. Or at least a more responsive version of the web experience for touch. It's just too slow to be of any real use on the go.

  • Gal Olshinka commented
    November 02, 2016 12:37

    AHA! works really great on  iPad. I am challenging the needs for a native app.

  • Jonathan Miller commented
    November 03, 2016 07:24

    IMO an app is needed.  I would go as far to say that it is now part of the min competitive requirements set as most product / project management platforms have one.  

    I would like to be able to:

    - see / manage: product lines, products, requirements, etc (main and ideas)

    - make comments on the above

    - receive notifications when the above change


  • Jonathan Miller commented
    November 03, 2016 07:27

    One additional thought:  I would like to be able to view + manage roadmaps + receive notifications of changes to aforementioned.

  • Larry Paige commented
    November 04, 2016 17:45

    I think it should at least have the ability to comment / complete todos.

    Viewing the roadmap and high level reports would be a plus.

    For the cost of this product I'm surprised it doesn't come with a mobile app - which most Project / Task Management solutions offer (IE: Asana)

  • Mohammad Ashour commented
    November 20, 2016 13:31

    +1 Would love this for working on the go

  • Shri Iyer commented
    December 03, 2016 01:19

    And an app for the ideas portal

  • Lars Rohrberg commented
    December 13, 2016 23:41

    Please also make an Android App with the same functionality

  • Morten Lunde commented
    January 26, 2017 11:47

    +1 from me - Any news on this - I need IOS app too, have a lot of working time while traveling/commuting

  • Kevin Pham commented
    February 16, 2017 22:19

    The priority from my PM team would be the ability to continue working when we're on-the-go, so being able to add/edit/review content like to-dos, ideas, features, etc.  We want the team to continue working without having us become blockers.  When we're traveling/commuting, we all work on our mobile phones.

    As for being able to work on tablets and at meetings, that's a nice-to-have, but there's always a laptop.

  • Kevin Pham commented
    February 16, 2017 22:25

    Not necessarily the same, but there's an idea for Aha! being mobile-friendly.  


    I'm a huge advocate for native apps because they generally have better capabilities and experiences, but it's also important for Aha! to focus on what is the most impactful, so we can get value quicker.

  • Dustin Foreman commented
    April 02, 2017 16:41

    Please! This is needed to stay current when on the go between meetings and traveling. 

  • Franck Horlaville commented
    April 21, 2017 14:24

    I want it as well! It could start out simply and add more complexity later on. It would be great if it had at least the Trello app features.

    The first version could have:

    • Features / Kanban
    • Features assigned to me
    • Time tracking


  • Pedro Rosa commented
    May 12, 2017 11:32

    According to Gartner, Android has almost 90% market share, if Aha is going to make this investment it would be wise to be mobile platform independent.    

    A mobile solution definitely gets my vote.  

    • Kanban board
    • Features
    • To-do's
    • Comments
    • Notifications
  • Alex BERRY commented
    May 22, 2017 10:39

    Why isn't this already a thing? :( 

  • Guest commented
    June 13, 2017 00:29

    Most of our users travel frequently and need views and reports on their mobile devices. This would enable them to view important views and share information with their peers and executive management.

  • Biggi commented
    June 19, 2017 22:17

    For me personally the fact wether AHA has an IOS app or not will be a dealbreaker. I am on the road a lot and this in todays economic business environment is an absolute must in my eyes.

  • Josh Liberty commented
    June 26, 2017 07:40

    I would say android, but yes, a mobile app is such a basic feature nowadays, come on!

  • James Curran commented
    July 19, 2017 04:01

    Likely To Implement In 2015?

    The team here is poking fun a bit... We moved off Pivotal Tracker, which is cheaper and has a great app.

    I can't respond to my team until I get home / or at my desk. So it never happens.

    Guys, we can't stay on this if you can't support mobile.

  • Guest commented
    July 20, 2017 19:54

    Would be great !

  • David Green commented
    September 05, 2017 21:04

    Looking for:

    Add/Edit/Manage features


    Box integration 

    VSTS integration 


    Add a release

  • Guest commented
    September 08, 2017 05:38

    This is a must. Not having this greatly limits opportunity to use Aha!

  • Marc commented
    September 11, 2017 03:36

    Is this going to happen and if so is there a timeframe?

  • Sherry Coulter commented
    September 25, 2017 16:25

    Notebook view doesn't load on an iPad.  The file will load in partial width and it locks and doesn't allow you to scroll in any direction.   

    PDF reports don't work for some of custom reports.   The report can be built and loads/looks great in a windows environment, but when you send it to adobe PDF the rows don't stay lined up.

    This leaves a customer with ZERO options for outputting quality content and sharing the data to other work groups or the management team.

  • Sherry Coulter commented
    September 25, 2017 20:08

    Mobility and iPad/iPhone support is critical for efficiencies and reaching customers and management outside of the development or strategic team.  Creating a notebook and publishing it to a website is useless if large groups of viewers cannot view/scroll through online reports.   Lacking this in a solution such as Aha! is behind times and your competition in so many ways!  Same issues with your printing capabilities...  

  • Nathaniel Coker commented
    October 02, 2017 02:43

    What's what is the status of this?  I have used this product in multiple organizations, each asking for a mobile app to use while on the go.  Is there a projected release date?

  • Guest commented
    December 07, 2017 00:14

    I was really surprised there wasn't an app.  As everyone else has clearly stated, this would be great!

  • Joseph Holmes commented
    December 31, 2017 17:18

    Aha! has been very quiet on this "popular" feature for awhile, any updates going into the new year?

    My team would benefit from a mobile app. My phone goes everywhere I go, my laptop does not. My top 5 recommendations would be:

    1. View/Add new ideas into Idea Portal
    2. Manage To-Do List
    3. View/Edit Features
    4. View/Edit Releases
    5. View Reports


  • Kevin Lancashire commented
    January 28, 2018 16:47

    Is key for me to collaborate with colleagues. I commute by train and prefer to use iPhone and iPad in the evening hours. So please come up with an app for AHA.

  • Guest commented
    February 07, 2018 21:33

    Any idea when you are planning to launch the Aha app?

  • Kat Fotheringham commented
    February 07, 2018 23:51

    Aha!, please please respond to this thread, as it appears it has been in high demand for over 2 years. At minimum, please let us know if the status of "Likely to implement" is still the same as it was in 2015 (for the Mobile iOS App).

  • Admin
    Ron Yang commented
    February 09, 2018 20:36

    Thank you for all of the support for this feature request. We appreciate your suggestions in how you would like to see it work. Clearly this would be a big add.

    We have updated the status to "Planning to implement," which means that we are early in the definition process. We have plans to implement solutions for both iOS and Android. There are lots of great suggestions in terms of the desired functionality and we would appreciate any additional feedback in this area. 

    What are the 3 most important capabilities you would want in an Aha! mobile app?

  • Shawn Pons commented
    February 09, 2018 23:23
    1. View / Add / Edit - Features, Releases, To-Dos
    2. View reports and notebooks
    3. Viea / Add / Edit - Notes
  • Kevin Pham commented
    February 09, 2018 23:58
    1. To-dos - we gotta understand what needs to be done and when.  If you have a to-do, someone (or everyone) is waiting for you to do it.
    2. Activity feed - responding to comments would be a lot easier.  All of the communication we need to deal with as PMs, I find myself responding to messages/emails/etc as I walk or are commuting.  If I'm at my desk, I'm doing "serious" work and not answering emails. Inbox zero :)
    3. Features (and master features) - add/edit/delete/etc (push to other integrations) to update dev system

    Hope that helps!  Maybe create a new category and we can vote ;)

  • Rob Parrish commented
    February 11, 2018 23:02

    Would love to see this. Definitely would make a big change in my workflow.


    perhaps even just a limited set of functionality would be helpful: search, add ideas, comment, and edit descriptions of objects, etc

    on the other hand, features like admin, reports, etc (from my POV) could stay as web only for the first phase. 

    I’m mainly interested in the web app for improving my personal workflow as a product manager.

  • Mike Ostman commented
    February 12, 2018 14:36

    Honestly, a simple two-page application would be fine.

    First page is a feature list. Pick a product and a release, and see the features list. Click on a feature to edit it. Click on an Add button to add a new one. Importantly, if I open an Aha link to a feature on my phone, then open the Aha app.

    Second page, To-Dos. List a filterable list of to-dos and allow them to be checked off.

    Those are really the most important things. The rest can wait until someone is at their desk.

  • Matt Vlasach commented
    February 13, 2018 20:32

    My use of Aha while mobile may be a little different: I think I'd just need a way to view most information on the go.  Rarely will I have the time nor context to author a properly detailed feature, release, initiative, etc effectively on-the-go on my phone, instead waiting until I am at my laptop.

    I suppose being able to add/edit/delete/manage To Dos and Adding Ideas while on the go would be great (but the new Slack integration is arguably fine for this).

  • Guest commented
    February 21, 2018 19:22

    I'd like to add my support to this as well. 

    Most product managers don't have a ton of free time and tend to get pulled in different directions. Often we catch up on things while on the train home home, or in an airport or while watching television at night. 

    The Aha! web app really doesn't work well on mobile devices, with icons being way to small and navigation being horrendous on a tablet and (especially) a smartphone. 

    As others have noted, companies like Asana and Slack have made good, mobile friendly apps. Aha! would benefit from an App or a mobile friendly site. 

  • Ping Wang commented
    February 22, 2018 16:41

    Create ideas would be the first priority for us. Our sales reps and service engineers who are always in the field need this feature to feed ideas to the PMs. 

  • William Noto commented
    April 11, 2018 20:07

    As a product manager I really want to be able to have a more mobile friendly interface for adding new features to my product roadmap. Such an app doesn't need to do everything that the web app does. I just want an easy way to add new features to my release roadmap.

  • William Noto commented
    April 11, 2018 20:12

    In terms of the "what are the 3 most important features" I would suggest:

    1. Adding / editing / viewing features to an existing release
    2. Viewing, adding, editing to-do's.
    3. Viewing, adding, editing notes.

    Definitely admin, reporting, strategy stuff are all lower priority.

  • John T commented
    May 23, 2018 04:05

     Hi All,

    I am planning to build a mobile app to access Aha projects. I have created a small survey to gather your thoughts and ideas.

    Please participate and provide your valuable inputs. Feel free to share this Survey with your colleagues.


  • Jose Castillo commented
    June 01, 2018 15:49

    Not sure if IOS is the most popular OS around, be mindful on Android or, what can be even better, a browser-based optimized for mobile screen Ipads, Surface, Tabs in general), to make it independent and avoiding the need to maintain 2 mobile products.

  • Guest commented
    June 18, 2018 22:20

    i'd like to be able to update and view my "to do" items - and looking at Slack too

  • Edward commented
    June 23, 2018 10:15

    Come on no mobile app or responsive? Really? Android please

  • OG SM commented
    June 25, 2018 23:06

    Having Aha! on the go will transform the end user experience...bring it on.