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My ideas: Pivotal Tracker

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"Real" 2-way integration with pivotal

The pivotal integration only allows for 2-way integration only if originally pushed from aha initially. Even then it's pretty limited to status and description. If I create an 'feature' in aha which maps to an 'epic' in pivotal, and someone add...
Guest over 9 years ago in Pivotal Tracker 23 Future consideration

Tags should propagate bidirectionally into Pivotal Tracker

Much like status, it would be nice if tags on features would propagate instantly to stories in PT bidirectionally. We have historically used PT labels to organize aspects of our sprint. It would be nice to setup initial tags in Aha and have those ...
Jason Novek over 8 years ago in Pivotal Tracker 2 Future consideration

Pivotal Tracker: Send releases to PT

We are currently using the and pivotal tracker integration to help seed our product roadmap into the engineering team's workflow. This has been great so far but the one biggest points of friction is trying to keep track of the features that...
Suzanne Vaughan over 9 years ago in Pivotal Tracker 4 Future consideration

Sync owner field from Aha! to Pivotal Tracker

Synchronisation of the owner field. Stories created in Pivotal Tracker should have the corresponding owner on the Pivotal Tracker side. That can be determined based on e-mail, your team confirmed that it is possible. Priority 2 of 4
Guest over 9 years ago in Pivotal Tracker 2 Future consideration

ability to add calculated fields to pivot report

Today, we can add calculated column (and edit the required formula) to a list report, there is a need to see the data of these calculated columns also in pivot report, but that is not available..
Ronit Binshtok almost 2 years ago in Pivotal Tracker 1 Already exists

Sync comments between aha features and pivotal tracker.

This would mean that our dev team and product managers can use a common discussion forum between the systems.
Guest about 9 years ago in Pivotal Tracker 1 Future consideration

Showing related items in pivot drill-downs

Aha! has a cool new functionality of exporting pivots as interactive webpages, where users can click on certain elements (epics/features) and show more details. This is very useful for communicating with commercial teams. The only limitation is th...
Guest over 2 years ago in Pivotal Tracker 0 Future consideration

Pivotal Tracker Integration Mapping

It would be helpful if one of the mapping options with Pivotal Tracker could include the following options: Master Feature to Epic Feature to Story Requirement to Task Instead, the only option for mapping to Epics in PT is to use Initiativ...
Tom Beck over 5 years ago in Pivotal Tracker 1 Future consideration

Setup integrations on Product Lines

It would be very nice to setup our pivotal tracker integration on a product line. That way if a ticket moves between products in that product line it retains the integration that was configured for it.
Jason Novek over 8 years ago in Pivotal Tracker 3 Unlikely to implement

Custom fields should propagate to Pivotal Tracker

It doesn't have to be fancy -- they could just be added to the feature description. We collect substantial extra information in our idea portal in the form of custom fields -- severity, customer mood, steps to reproduce, examples -- and it would ...
Jason Novek over 8 years ago in Pivotal Tracker 2 Future consideration