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Option to expand all requirements on a feature

In the old Aha! design there was an option on a feature to expand all the requirements. This was great for quickly showing all the links to Jira. Could you bring this option back?
Kelly Sebes 8 days ago in Features 0 Future consideration

Add a Description tab to the first screen of the new record format

The description at the top of the record under the Created by... text really doesn't make sense in your new tabbed format. Should be right there in the tab lineup.
Mary McKenna 20 days ago in Features 2 Already exists

Add the ability to color code Epics in the User Stories/Features Board

When viewing the User Story/Feature board, it would be great to be able to color code the Epic nested above the User Story. This would help to be able to visually differentiate all User Stories that are associated an Epic. The user should be able ...
Guest 20 days ago in Features 0 Future consideration

Ability to display the Jira#/Link on the Features/Requirements tab.

We would like to be able to display the Jira# and Link on the Requirements tab on the Features page layout. Attached is the screen where we would like to do this. We are heavy users of the Jira integration and it's frustrating to have to open up...
Leanne Miller 21 days ago in Features 8 Future consideration

Would like to be able to drag a requirement from one feature to another

When features aren't completed or when you're making of list of say UX enhancements that you don't want to loose track of in a dummy feature in the parking lot, I'd like to be able to drag them into a new feature I create in the upcoming Release. ...
Guest 21 days ago in Features 1 Future consideration

BIN for features to be dragged into for quick deletion

Sometimes when a few features need to be deleted eg from the Parking Lot, it would be great to drag them over to a Bin icon instead of having to open the feature and then select Delete Feature.
Guest 22 days ago in Features 0 Future consideration

Analyze features that ship later (or sooner) than initially planned

We would like to analyze features that are shipped later (or sooner) than initially planned. We already use the existing Release field. I created a custom field to track Initial Release, and I wanted to pick from a list of defined releases, like w...
Amanda Chan 29 days ago in Features 0 Future consideration

Allow creation of new entries in Many to One custom table

I love the custom table functionality, but there seems to be no way to add a new entry from the feature itself. I have to go to the custom table and add a row that way. It would be much nicer if I could just add a new record via the selection box ...
Guest about 1 month ago in Features 0 Future consideration

More granular capacity definition for teams

I would like to be able to better define the capacity of my teams, i.e.define a work schedule for each member and have them rolled up into the team, rather than enter manually at the team level or get 8 hours by defaultdefine holiday time for each...
Marc Schreiber about 1 month ago in Features 1 Future consideration

Layout control for stories tab within feature

We have stories mapped to features that are sent to JIRA. We also have the reverse mapping of bugs from JIRA associated with that feature coming back so there is a consolidated status view of the feature. But when we look at the stories tab within...
Arun Kalyanaraman about 1 month ago in Features 0 Future consideration