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Auto-refresh for custom worksheets w/ 200+ dependencies

Who would benefit? Customers using custom worksheets with 200+ dependencies in formulas What impact would it make? If a custom worksheet is modified, the auto-refresh to update records does not take place if there are 200+ dependencies within the ...
Brittany Rhoney 24 days ago in Features / Reports 1 Likely to implement

New ideas/features lists do not remember my customizations

When I go back to the ideas list I expect that it will remember the changes I made to the columns and filters. I believe it used to, but the new version of them does not.
Kelly Sebes 3 months ago in Features / Ideas / Reports 0 Likely to implement

PRODUCTION BUG - Text editing

When copying from one requirement to another, within features, multiple instances get copied, esp if the requirement description is large.Actually, happens when copying the whole text content from one place to another - requirement to requirement,...
Guest over 2 years ago in Features 1 Likely to implement