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Ship date to default to the external release date

It's a rare thing that we are managing releases daily in Aha (as we ship in Jira). Therefore when we go to ship a release in Aha, defaulting to todays date is a bit annoying, especially when the external release date is already correct. We therefo...
Guest 9 days ago in Releases 0 Future consideration
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Ability to create release phases and milestones which automatically use business days

For example, this would allow me to create week-long phases which would be 5 days (and not 7 days). A milestone would also automatically be populated on the first business day available. Related to this, I would like to be able to create templates...
Ron Yang over 4 years ago in Roadmaps / Releases 25 Future consideration

Set capacity per team per release

Capacity for teams is currently available to set up at a 'global' level - number of hours per day per week.It would be helpful for teams that are planning releases with multiple teams, to be able to set a capacity for each team per release. Once t...
Madeleine Black about 1 year ago in Releases 2 Future consideration
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Support Release Notes

Given the astounding amount of work I've seen that goes into making Aha's own stellar release notes comprehensive, detailed, and rich with media, I thought first-class support for release notes might be a nice addition to our workflow–as well as o...
Christopher Keele about 5 years ago in Releases 12 Future consideration

Aha! Scorecard on Release apply to Master Features and Features

Title. Allow an "Aha! Score" which is applied at the "release" level to allow apply and synchronize to the "linked" Master Features / Features for Product Workspaces.
Guest 4 months ago in Releases 2 Future consideration

Capacity Planning by Master Feature Estimates

Often when new Feature requests come in they are at, what we consider to be the Master Feature level...basically an Epic. For future releases, we hold a Release Planning session where our engineers apply high level estimates to Master Feature that...
Guest almost 4 years ago in Releases 13 Future consideration

Copying a release should let you select a release date

It is a common practice to create releases containing features in the parking lot to serve as templates. Ex: weekly/monthly releases with recurring tasks to complete.Currently on the features board, if you add a new release, choose the option to '...
Todd Meyer over 1 year ago in Releases 0 Future consideration

Ability to add custom fields to the Release Phase view

In the context of a Launch Plan, Release phases can be used as work items, that together, make up the entire project plan, to come to a successful release. Examples of custom fields: a Release Phase can be assigned to a department and to an indivi...
Guest over 4 years ago in Releases 17 Future consideration

Move Features into Parking Lot Automatically

There are instances where we run into a situation that upon shipping a release, features that are not in done status will move to the next slated release in the workspace. This is not ideal, as features in one release may not relate to the other, ...
Anh Truong about 2 months ago in Releases 0 Future consideration

Support release templates for master releases

When using master releases, it is not possible to select the release template for the sub-releases to be created. Which means the workflow to date looks like this: Create a master release Resist the temptation to select the products in the pro...
Guest almost 6 years ago in Releases 12 Future consideration