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Assign values to Custom fields from other standard or custom field content in automations

What is the challenge? When creating automations (and in worksheet fields): when a trigger is activated or eg specific criteria is true/false, I want to assign values to custom fields from standard or other custom field content. What is the impact...
Mats Hultgren about 22 hours ago in Releases 0

Fixed Workflow approval on shipping releases

What is the challenge? Not able to move feature to next release What is the impact? Feature that have not been completed are shipped with the release Describe your idea When using a fixed workflow approval to ship a release, you should not be prev...
Stuart Blair 4 days ago in Releases 1 Future consideration

Edit phases with out using edit "pencil"

What is the challenge? We would like to be able to interrogate release phases without hovering over to find the edit pencil How would you solve it? Allow users to click on the phase name to edit or view phase to-dos What impact would it make? time...
April Biebel 18 days ago in Releases 2 Future consideration

Support PI planning and Program Boards in Aha! Roadmaps

Aha! Develop has excellent support for SAFe in its program increment, sprint planning and program board functionality. Teams who are doing PI planning in Aha! Roadmaps with their engineering teams in other development tools are not able to benefit...
Madeleine Black 11 months ago in Releases 1 Future consideration

Ability to filter added/removed records in retrospective report

Who would benefit? Product managers trying to control churn within a release What impact would it make? It would enable us to more readily use this OTB report in change management of a release How should it work? We'd be looking for better general...
Aha@IBM 2 months ago in Releases 0 Future consideration

Allow Release Date (internal) and Release End date (date range) to sync

Who would benefit? The Release date (internal) drives many of the OOTB reporting functionality in Aha! so it must be maintained and accurate for reporting to be accurate. For many teams, the end date of the release and the Release date (internal) ...
Bonnie Trei 4 months ago in Releases 0 Future consideration

Set capacity per team per release

Capacity for teams is currently available to set up at a 'global' level - number of hours per day per week. It would be helpful for teams that are planning releases with multiple teams, to be able to set a capacity for each team per release. Once ...
Madeleine Black almost 4 years ago in Capacity planning / Releases 3 Future consideration

Enable time range filtering of retrospective report

Who would benefit? PMs seeking to change manage their release What impact would it make? Aid adoption of the report to support release change management using an OTB capability How should it work? There is a date range picker today but this only s...
Aha@IBM 2 months ago in Releases 0 Future consideration

Include initiatives and objectives in the Related Tab under Release

Who would benefit? Product Managers What impact would it make? Product managers can at a glance identify if their user stories are tied to Initiatives and objects How should it work? Would it also be possible to include initiatives and objectives?...
Guest about 1 month ago in Releases 0 Future consideration

Filter or Export history records

Need the ability to filter history records for an object or alternatively export so that they can be searched. As example, we have a release where we are looking for a specific event of who changed a specific field. However the change history is f...
Joe Watson over 3 years ago in Releases 0 Future consideration