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fix intermittent bugs in how arrow keys work in epic description

When editing a capability description in Aha (such as (our capabilities might be your epics), using left and right arrow keys moves the curs...
Guest about 13 hours ago in Epic 0

Create new idea in Firefox fails

Create new idea in Firefox fails but succeed in Safari or Chrome. The place it gets stuck is attribute "Customer tag" is a mandatory field but it never picks up a valid customer and throws error
Guest about 15 hours ago in Ideas 0

I miss the info page

I miss the info page
Guest about 17 hours ago in Features 1

Add functionality to expand/collapse notes hierarchy

When working in a large notes hierarchy, you can quickly get into a state where many notes are expanded and it becomes difficult to drag/drop notes into the correct place and find the right notes. It would be great if there was an expand/collapse ...
Madeleine Black about 21 hours ago in Notes 0 Future consideration

Favicon for published presentations

It would be good to be able to brand the favicon of a presentation webpage, so it used the logo from the account profile branding, rather than the Aha logo. So when a customer bookmarks the presentation webpage for our roadmap etc it has our compa...
Guest 1 day ago in Presentations 0 Future consideration

Allow start and due dates to be set to a specific date in automation rule actions

It appears that right now, the actions available in automation rules when updating a date field (Start and due dates in particular) are all relative to the current date (e.g. set to 1 month from the current date, set to 1 week from the current dat...
Gene Lewin 2 days ago in Features 6 Future consideration

User Management moved from Main Menu to Product line settings

I have to manage more than 100+ users on a regular basis in Aha!. With the latest change, the Users tab has been moved to Product Line/Product which is adding to number of clicks everytime to add/manage/remove users. To add to the pain, there is n...
Prasad GVS 2 days ago in User management 0

Fix cycle time calculations in Develop for Kanban

There is a fundamental flaw in how you calculate cycle time in develop. It calculated from the 1st in progress step on the workflow. If you rigidly follow each step then it would work fine, but in Kanban you can skip steps if they don't apply. You...
Mike Lowery 2 days ago in Workflow boards 0 Future consideration

Allow multi select on Automation Rules

When creating an Automation Rule, allow for multi selects. For example, I want to be able to assign Ideas that come in to a certain set of 'categories' (a custom field we created) to a specific person but all in one rule. Example: where category i...
Cindy Hickman 3 days ago in Workflow boards 0 Future consideration

Map Multiple Statuses to Column in Workflow Board

In Jira, it is possible to map multiple statuses to a column within a Jira board. This functionality is not present in Aha! develop and there isn't a way to effectively have multiple workflow boards at this time without negatively impacting status...
I R 3 days ago in Workflow boards 0