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Progress charts for goals

Just like the progress charts for a release, we need progress (burndown) charts for goals across slices of time. We should be able to see scope increasing or decreasing, and the actual progress made by features complete over the same time slices....
Guest 1 day ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

New section under Strategy or Info for definitions/product functions.

Our Product has multiple functions/modules. With each module there are some terminologies and concepts that need to be defined. I can use notes to create a document but that that can get messy really quick. I see this area working similar to how ...
Chris Eichermüller 2 days ago in Strategy 0

Start Date added to To Do

While many To Dos are simple and can be quickly marked off. Some could be longer and do not work as "requirements. Would be nice to set a start date and end date on a To Do and perhaps spark a notification reminder to "get started".
Carolee Snarr 2 days ago in To-dos 0 Future consideration

Block default customization from being modified

Anyone with customization permissions can modify the Default workflows, scorecards, time frames, etc. Without removing the option to set new default, why not blocking the default from being modified? this will allow an encourage users with the rig...
Guest 3 days ago in Application 0 Future consideration

Don't automatically open links in notes/descriptions in a new tab

When you try to open a link from a note/description in a new tab, some javascript automatically opens the link in a new tab and changes the focus to it. Opening a link in a new tab should be done in the background, like when done with the middle m...
Michel Billard 3 days ago in Notes 0 Future consideration

Ability to restore from backup files

Why enabling Enterprise+ accounts to do regular backups to JSON files if there is nothing that can be done later with that information. I suggest to have a back-up AND restore option, and to select what to restore, similar to the Import Records fr...
Guest 3 days ago in Application 0 Future consideration

Ability to request to borrow a resource from a team

An initiative can be assigned to one of more teams, each with their own estimate. Sometimes we need a specialized skill set (eg. a front-end developer) to contribute to that initiative for a finite duration (ie. one week). We need an ability to re...
Mark Eaves 4 days ago in Features 0 Future consideration

Allow a feature to transition to different release phase when feature status changes

In order to make best use of multiple release phases I would like to be able to automate the moving of a feature from one phase to another when I update its status.For example a feature will be In design as a feature status and part of the Design ...
Laura Phillips 4 days ago in Features 0 Future consideration

Extend the 'Lock fields based on Status of the record' to Custom Tables

We use Custom Tables in many workspaces to track dollar savings.Once a project reaches a certain status these committed savings should be locked.It would be a great enhancement to be able to do this with Aha!'s 'Lock based on Status' functionality.
Karla Johnson 4 days ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

Ability to restrict workspace owners to adding Viewer and Reviewer users only

It would be extremely beneficial to limit the control of adding paid seat user to administrators whilst still allowing workspace owners to add viewers and reviewers to their workspace. Where adding users is required to be restricted to administrat...
Rachel Fitton 4 days ago in Account settings 0 Future consideration