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Exclude completed ToDos from summary counts on Features and Initiatives

Who would benefit? everyone What impact would it make? large How should it work? When I look at a Feature or an Initiative and see a count of "todo"s, I would like this count to exclude completed items so I can focus on only those items which requ...
Julia Bauer about 12 hours ago in To-dos 0

change chart checkbox logic

Who would benefit? anyone making a chart What impact would it make? better ux How should it work? when i select a top level parent category checkbox to filter by, and it has children paramters, they should all get checked too. Also, when I save ch...
Guest about 14 hours ago in Reports 0

make it easier to work with Epics

Who would benefit? PMs What impact would it make? Ability to more quickly prioritize, sequence and schedule work in the context of user need driven planning (epics) as opposed to functionality driven planning (features) How should it work? If you ...
Guest 1 day ago in Epic 0

Batch Update Workspace Settings

Who would benefit? Aha Administrators What impact would it make? Reducing my time spend manually updating workplace settings, specifically ones that do not have the ability to inherit from the parent i.e Scorecards for Initiatives How should it wo...
Frank S 1 day ago in Application 0

Requesting AHA Contributor access

Who would benefit? Correspondence What impact would it make? Improve Work flow How should it work? Getting access to improve Work flow for correspondence requests and meetings
Guest 1 day ago in Ideas 0

Ability to choose how a copy functions

Who would benefit? Anyone who needs to copy a record What impact would it make? Save time How should it work? There are several ideas for improving how the copy function works in Aha! We have 2 specific request: to be able to choose whether to cop...
Steve Dagless 2 days ago in Application 0

Enable Sorting Release Phases Numerically - Gantt Chart

Who would benefit? Customers whose milestones need to tie to line items on a project plan or other numerical milestone designation What impact would it make? Enable those organizations to plan in Aha! rather than MS Project How should it work? Sim...
Guest 3 days ago in Roadmaps 0 Future consideration

Allow customers to filter ideas based on release

Who would benefit? All of our Customer Portal users What impact would it make? This would increase customer adoption of our features and reduce internal time spent communicating and clarifying when an idea was released to customers. How should it ...
Claire A 3 days ago in Ideas portal 0

Improve user experience by matching the UI to my privilege level

Who would benefit? Read only users What impact would it make? I would not be misled to think I am able to contribute to a field which I can't change How should it work? Today, I do not have access to edit fields in Aha. The way the UI works today ...
Guest 3 days ago in Account settings 0

PI Planning event execution

Who would benefit? It would save a lot of time and reduce the manual effort of PI Planning preparation and event Execution. It will show that Aha is a tool for Portfolio management and also Planning. With extensive current effort of Aha to align t...
Milosz Konarczyk 3 days ago in Whiteboards 0