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Be able to use CSV to Import People into teams for Capacity Planning

What is the challenge? Currently need to manually add people to teams for capacity planning What is the impact? Manual input which takes time if you have a lot of teams Describe your idea Be able to create a CSV file to do the import
Suraiya Gobeil about 2 hours ago in Capacity planning 0

Visible Loading Indicator

What is the challenge? Slow loading Idea popup without loading indicator What is the impact? UX/UI Improvement / Clarify application state to user Describe your idea Could you increase the size of the three-dot loading indicator inside Ideas popup...
Guest about 2 hours ago in Ideas 0

Ideas portal form should have consistent treatment of placeholder text in dropdown fields

What is the challenge? The ideas portal add idea form has inconsistent styles for the placeholder help text shown in dropdown fields. What is the impact? The ideas portal could have a cleaner look. Describe your idea The ideas portal form has the ...
Guest about 3 hours ago in Ideas portal 0 Likely to implement

Sow outstanding amounts on invoices

What is the challenge? When looking to see if payment for an invoice has been received I am forced to download the PDF. What is the impact? This is just a pain that wastes time. Describe your idea Within the table that shows the invoices with thei...
Pete B about 4 hours ago in Account settings 0

Prevent user from using previous password when resetting password

What is the challenge? compliance with information security policy What is the impact? Describe your idea prevent users from using an old password when resetting their password
Sonia Singh about 6 hours ago in Account settings 0

Best Estimate In Reporting

What is the challenge? Can't see one best estimate in list/pivot reports, need to see just one to simplify reporting What is the impact? Requires pulling in two data fields which confuses users in report Describe your idea Enable a best estimate s...
Steven Schafer about 6 hours ago in Reports 0

No popups about your events

What is the challenge? getting things done What is the impact? popup is just a distraction, your events are not relevant Describe your idea just don't show aha marketing, training events in popups. i am not interested in those at all.
Guest about 9 hours ago in Roadmaps 0

Have the ability to archive ideas portals in the account settings

What is the challenge? When we currently have an ideas portal that we longer need, we have to disable the portal and prefix the name with archive. What is the impact? Having the option to archive an ideas portal and move to history (or an archived...
Paven Bains about 11 hours ago in Ideas portal 0 Future consideration

Section that describes a market or market environment

What is the challenge? Documentation general market information is missing. What is the impact? Missing a dedicated place under Strategy --> Market, leads to the fact that this type of information will be somehow captured in separate documents ...
Guest about 15 hours ago in Strategy 0

Will not implement status should not show on priority list

What is the challenge? Trying to keep an accurate priority list What is the impact? Priority list for stories/features Describe your idea Only stories/features that you are actually going to do should be on the priority list. Not will not implemen...
Guest about 24 hours ago in Features 0