Secondary sorting on list columns

We use lists a lot and feel that secondary sorting would be incredibly useful. Similar to excel where I can sort by score to order everything from highest to lowest and then sort by a secondary field (In flight or backlog) so that we see items In Flight sorted by score, and below that backlog sorted by score.
  • Suzanne Vaughan
  • Feb 11 2015
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  • Paige Richbourg commented
    April 17, 2015 13:19

    Currently we would have to export the list to have a good report sorted by product then initiative for example.  Kind of defeats the purpose of trying to cut down on number of tools.  Thanks!

  • T L commented
    May 06, 2015 16:03

    Currently the single-field sort is making report generation through notebooks difficult. (so we are resorting to excel, as described below) 


    What I need to is to report, for each release, the full list of defect fix, sort by sub-system, then by functional area. 

    To do this I will need to, for each release, create a separate view for each sub-system, and then sort each view by functional area, then add it to the notebook. 

    With 5 sub-systems, the number of views in my feature-list is starting to grow out of control. 

    I've had 4 releases in the last two months, which can be up to 20 views...