Checkbox to select all should only select the current page

I had a filter with 200 items, 50 per page, and selecting the "all" checkbox selected all 200, not just the 50 on the current page. This goes against web UI from the other most common webforms, such as Microsoft, google, (hotmail and gmail), Jira, etc.

  • Mandy Lawman
  • Feb 11 2015
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Release time frame
  • Feb 11, 2015

    Admin Response

    We considered having the header checkbox select items only on the current page, but decided that the more useful behavior is to have it select all of the items that match the filter conditions. 

    If the checkbox only selects items on the current page, then performing a bulk action on several hundred items would require a tedious process of handling each page at a time - 20 times if you wanted to bulk edit 1000 features.

    I know that the behavior is different in some other tools, but I don't think that difference is because selecting just the current page is better. Rather I think it is because supporting selecting all of the filtered items is more difficult and other tools have chosen the simpler implementation at the cost of ease of use. 

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  • Mandy Lawman commented
    February 11, 2015 15:59

    Thanks for your response.  I completely understand where you're coming from, but would like to give you this use case: 

    1. I have 300 issues and need to select 220 of these issues.  

    2. I have individually select 220 issue checkboxes to make the bulk change. 

    If I had 1000 issues and selected 50 per page, I'd only have to do this 10 times, not 220.  It was VERY tedious to make this change.