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Created by Guest
Created on Feb 3, 2015

When inputting a new idea/feature I would love Aha to search to see if that idea/feature already in order to prevent duplication of ideas/features being documented.

Essentially, it should work like this Ideas Portal. Type an idea and/or feature and Aha should recommend other ideas/features that seem similar. As a product manager, this would let me know that this feature/idea is already documented within the product.

For us, we have multiple team members (UX lead, product manager) inputting ideas and features. Sometimes, we're not sure if the other person already put that feature/idea into Aha!. 

This would save time and be a slick flow for knowing if a feature/idea has already been captured.

    Feb 3, 2015

    Thanks for taking the time to enter this. This is exactly how the Ideas portal works in Aha! today. You should check that out. Now, when entering a feature, we do not do a look up, but that could be very annoying if every time you typed in a feature it displayed a huge list of existing features. I suggest you use the search capability at the top of the screen if you are not sure if a feature has been entered in Aha! before adding it. If you think we are just missing the boat on this one, please enter a more specific idea that just speaks to auto lookups when entering a feature. 

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