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Status Future consideration
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Created by Matt Howard
Created on Jan 11, 2019

Separate Scorecard for Epics

I would like to know if there is a way to establish a scorecard for Master Features that is separate from the scorecard used for Features. We would like to use a specific scorecard at the Master Feature level such as estimated revenue, cost savings, etc. Executives think and plan at the Master Feature level and need a separate way to score Master Features. Once Master Features are scored, we collect/define the specific features that go under each Master Feature. There is no need to score Features in the same way – as it is too granular. For example, a MF once implemented may realize $1 M in recurring revenue – but this won’t be achieved by implementing one of the 10 features under the MF.

Once a MF is scored, we want to force-rank the features under the MF so we can determine which of the features is “most important” for the MF – so if we need to horse trade when an issue comes up, we can remove lower priority features from the MF. This requires us to establish a separate scorecard. In the “Configure Product” screen there is a drop-down for “Scorecard for features” but I don’t see a separate drop down that says “Scorecard for master features”. 

    Jan 14, 2019

    Thank you for your idea. This is not currently planned on our roadmap but we will continue to monitor customer feedback on this idea.

    In the meantime, a workaround would be to add a custom scorecard field to your master features. While this will be separate from the built-in Aha! score field, it will allow you the flexibility to choose a different scorecard than the one being used for features.

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  • Natasha Venter
    Apr 11, 2024

    Would be ideal to have a place to add a separate scorecard for Epics. We have already added for Initiative and Features - however having the same scorecard for features and epics is not beneficial as we would like to apply to sperate scoring principles. i.e Impact v Value for Epics and RICE for Features

  • Nicolas Andrillon
    Dec 9, 2021

    I would be interested also to be able to set up different score cards for Epics and Features.
    Introducing a custom field for this is sort of ok but it doesn't get picket up in the Features Board when sorting by score or to rank items in the capacity planning functionality.

  • John Hastings-Kimball
    Jan 17, 2020

    Having two scorecards on my Feature records is a suitable workaround (aha score and resource estimate) as proposed above but is confusing for my users. Which one do i fill out? Why are you asking me for the level of client interest for this enhancement?, etc  Please implement!

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Need to have separate scorecards for epics and features

The business wants to be able to have scoring at the leadership level of epics and do a different scorecard for features (at the working team level)
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