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Status Future consideration
Categories Rally
Created by Moises Cora
Created on Jan 7, 2019

Rally integration at task level

In Rally, Features have a release assigned to them, but each user story from that feature will have it's own release assignment as well. Tasks added to a user story will always follow the release from the user story.

In Aha, Features have a release assigned to them, and all it's requirements will follow the release from the feature. So I've set up my integration as follows:

Aha <-> Rally

Initiative <-> Initiative
Master Feature <-> Feature
Feature <-> User Story

So, to be fully integrated, including all the time control I have to do in Rally today, here is what is missing:

Requirement <-> Tasks

This would allow to have a full alignment between the 2 systems and I would be able to focus all my planning and reporting on Aha.


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  • Moises Cora
    Jan 7, 2019

    BTW, I also tried Child user stories, but it is not good enough. If you add children to a user story in Rally, the parent loses the release assignment, so on a 2 way integration, the Aha corresponding feature is pushed back to the parking lot.