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Created by Sekhar Nallapaneni
Created on Nov 29, 2018

VSTS Integration - Error importing new records into Aha

As we are starting to use more and more Aha!, we are seeing errors while newly created records by Development team in VSTS being imported into Aha!. 2 main reasons for the errors include

  1. Feature is not available for the user stories (Requirements in Aha!) in VSTS so the user story import fails. This may be a user training. We are asking Dev to link each new user story with a feature (New or Existing)
  2. Our releases span across multiple iterations. So we are handling it by creating a release in Aha! which sent to VSTS as an iteration and we create child iterations in VSTS to handle the sprints. Our integration configuration setup is setup one way from Aha to VSTS so that we do not have a release created in Aha for every sprint. But this is causing an issue, if dev team creates user stories or features directly with sub-iteration which is not on Aha!. Can you advise if this can be solved with existing features or update the integration to find the release (by parent iteration instead of child iteration) and import work items accordingly?
    Dec 10, 2018

    Thank you for your idea. The issues you are experiencing are expected based on your mappings. A requirement in Aha! must always have a feature. So any user stories (when mapped to requirements ) must have a feature in order for them to import successfully.

    The error you are seeing when attempting to import new features is caused by the one-way release mapping. Release name is required in Aha! Since that field mapping is set to one-way, Aha! cannot set the release name. Setting this mapping to two-way or removing the mapping all together will allow the features to import.

    If you have additional questions here, our Customer Success team ( can provide guidance.

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  • Sekhar Nallapannei
    Dec 10, 2018

    Thank you for your response. I agree that we should have a feature for every requirement.

    As far as releases are concerned, We have more than one Iteration in VSTS per release. So as mentioned in my original idea, we are handling them by creating a release in Aha! (Iteration in VSTS) and adding sub-iteration for sprints in VSTS. Enabling 2 way for release is causing multiple releases created in Aha! for every sub-iteration in VSTS. Aha! currently do not allowing organizing Multiple iterations under a release or some how automatically assign the feature to master iteration (linked to existing release in Aha!) instead of creation sub-iterations as releases.