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Features in Parking Lot should contribute 100% of their Effort immediately to "Release work remaining over capacity" Merged

I have been building reports and charts to show investors and top management how much capacity is missing. While I was successful with ordinary releases, utilising the "Release work remaining over capacity" field, I hit a major obstacle with Parking Lots:

It is not possible to enter the release capacity on Parking Lots. If it was, I would set it to 0, because that reflects the reality - we do not have any resources available for things waiting in the backlog. I wish the system would default it to 0, or allowed me to change it.

As a result, all features parked in the Parking Lots look in reports as "green" - all is fine, we do not need more resources. The field "Release work remaining over capacity" is always 0. It should be the opposite - these features will never be delivered unless more resources are added. Is that not the whole point of the backlog? A place to park all the requirements we cannot address at the moment due to capacity limitations?

We would like a fix to the calculation of "Release work remaining over capacity" field. Example: 3 features in parking lot with respective Feature Remaining Effort = 5, 2 and 1 would result in "Release work remaining over capacity" = 8.


Thank you

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  • Nov 13 2018
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