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Status Future consideration
Categories Mobile
Created by Gordon Campbell
Created on Oct 18, 2018

Includes @mentions in mobile app

include mentions as in browser version to tag colleagues 


mobile app has increased user adoption but team use mentions a LOT

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  • Micah Dickerson
    Jan 31, 2022

    Adding my vote here as well.

    Here’s my use case: every morning while having coffee I use my phone to read through the digest emails I get from Aha. I occasionally click into an item and need to direct someone’s attention to something. If they’re the owner of the item, no biggee - they’ll get an alert. But if I want someone else to see something, I have to remember to go into Aha later when I’m at my desk (which never really works because I forget).

    As CK noted in another comment, this almost feels like a bug since it creates an incomplete workflow.

  • C K
    Feb 9, 2021

    this appears to be a bug instead of a feature. If the app exists then seems like this should have parity wit the website.