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Created by Guest
Created on Oct 5, 2018

ToDo assigned to - delete user assigned in Reviewer role

There is a ToDo. User is assigned to. User can correct name, description. User can add other user which is need to work with him in this ToDo. User put wrong assignee. The assignee is no longer needed.  How user can delete the assignee? 

Today user gets information that "You have no permission, you are a reviewer". It seems to restricted that Reviewer role on ToDo level user can't deleted assigned to persons? It would be great if we can differentiate the role Reviewer from Viewer for this permission. Making this user a Contributor role to make this change on ToDo level is not a good idea, we do not want to allow the user to make changes on Feature and other objects.

The obvious workaround is that second wrong/not needed assigned user can delete/close ToDo by himself. But when user is in My Work view, do not see that this ToDo is "done" and need to open every ToDo and the read comment and close ToDo. Is it not work efficiency way of working.


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  • Guest
    Apr 19, 2019

    I agree that scenario 3 mentioned by Kamil would be a great addition. This would support Team collaboration and team responsibility.

    I also feel that currently this is very restricting and adds too much administrative overhead on the contributor's side.

  • Admin
    Austin Merritt
    Oct 8, 2018

    Hi there. Thank you for the additional details and scenarios. The restrictions around to-dos are by design. Reviewers can edit the name and description of to-dos they are assigned to so that they can update details of the work to be completed. They can also remove themselves as assignees. However they cannot remove other assignees to avoid situations where someone is removed who should not be.

    We would recommend that assignees remove themselves when they have a to-do assigned that they no longer need to complete.

    At this time we are unlikely to make changes here. However we will continue to monitor customer feedback on this idea. We hope you can understand.

  • Guest
    Oct 8, 2018

    We are asking to make the reviewer role possible to remove assigned person with several user scenarios, and this scenario are not possible now:

    1. user make a mistake (currently in this situation he need to ask Product Owner/Contributor to repair mistake.

    2. on meetings the tasks are written by different persons, not always this who is doing the ToDo. Then the person who is added need to make task adjustment.

    3. As a Boss of a team i need to make a task for a team, i don't know who will be doing it, the team need to decide by themself. Then any of team member will do this task. Other team member can be deleted from task not to waste time to read the tasks which are "on going - taken by one of team member/done by other team member and do not need more work". The group work scenario is currently not supported by Aha - and this small improvement is what can make it possible.